After purchasing an Apple Watch, I thought some of my problems would be solved (in which they were). I couldn't imagine ever see myself wearing this watch because I just thought it was useless. The point is I gave in to my craving to add to my collection of Apple products. So I thought why not give it try despite my feelings against it.


The thing is… I have Charcot-Marie-Tooth, which affects the nerves in my muscles. Most importantly it causes me to have poor usage of my hands. The simplest things such as zipping my coat, buttoning my jeans, or even writing my signature can take a lot time or plain can't do it at all. My IPhone, MacBook, and IPad are very useful to my everyday life because it helps me stay connected and productive throughout day. When I’m outside it can be difficult to answer my phone because I drop my phone quite often. A friend mentioned maybe an Apple Watch would help solve that problem, so I can answer without struggling to take it out my pocket or leaving it on my lap to fall while driving my chair.


So I placed my order online to get the Apple Watch. After picking it up at a local Best Buy, I came home very excited and anticipated. As soon I unboxed the watch I realized the band is not accessible to my hands. In order to strap the band, I would have to press the strap against the button like a SnapBack cap. Now the big difference is that with SnapBack that I am able to use both hands. So is it fair that I have a difficult time doing that? Should I stay from products that are useful because I can't wear it to my full advantage? Absolutely not! There is a way you can change the strap, but the strap is $149!! It is magnetic, so I would just put my hand through the loop and it automatically snaps in place. The issue is that an accessory beneficial can be so pricey. Apple should consider those with weakness hands (not Siri) by considering the design of their products.

Published by Ashley Francis