Dear Best Friend,

      I thought that you were truly different from the rest. I thought that I could have trusted you. I was a fool. Because a true best friend would have never done what you have to me. I get that it's not your fault that he fell for you instead of me. What I don't get is why would you have gone out of your way to flirt with him.Why would you have pursued him, after everything that I've told you? Did you want the attention? Did you want the satisfaction of one-upping me? Because if that's the case, I will reassure you that you already have in many aspects. When they talk about us, they never talk about me. They always talk about you. Oh, she's so smart, she's so talented, she's so nice,skinny, and pretty. I've always been the one with dreams too big to reach. The one that everyone bets will  never make it. I'll prove them wrong, but that's for a different time. They're all waiting for me to fail, so they could raise you up instead. Why? Just why? You have everything. A pair of functional parents, a nice house, wonderful pets, and happiness all around. The only worry that you have is which boy to say yes to. So why, did you go after the only secret that I ever had? Now, he's wrapped around your finger. Just like every other hopeless boy. He was my friend. Until, you came in and told him my darkest secrets. Until, you intentionally stirred up conflict. I can't even tell anybody else about you because nobody would ever believe me. After all, you're the golden girl. The one without a flaw. But I know the real you. You're a snake for so many different reasons. I know you, but the truth is, that you never knew me. Watch out, because there's a reason people back out of my path. You have to be ruthless to get what you want, except I never thought that I had to watch out for you. But rest assure, I know now. See, being best friends is like being in a pact. Secrets are meant to kept until trust is broken. Well, you've definitely broken mine. Good luck, best friend. May the best snake win. Huh, i guess we're best friends for a reason.



Published by Yen Hoang