Dear Brock Turner,

​I could say so many horrible things to you. And I could sit here and tell you all the things you've already heard or read whether you wanted to or not. I could sit here at my computer and tell you how much pain - physical, emotional, and mental - you caused that young woman that you RAPED. I could tell you how all any of the news sites could talk about was how awesome of a swimmer you were and not the fact that you were a rapist. I could tell you how bad I feel for that young woman who will never ever be the same because you thought it would be okay to RAPE her. I could tell you how unfair it is that we young women are taught to defend ourselves when you young men should be taught to respect us. I could tell you how unfair it is that you were sentenced to six months in jail when you deserved so much longer. And how you got out on 'good behavior' which is complete crap. I could tell you how people like you disgust me and how scared it made me to be going to college because I don't know if there are more like you where I am or if something like this could happen to me or someone I know. I could spew all sorts of statistics but by now I'm sure you know all of them. They are burned into my memory like I hope they are to yours. I could tell you that 1 in 6 women will be raped in their lifetime and how that fact makes my stomach turn. I could tell you all these things. But I'm not. I'm going to tell you so much more.

​When your name first popped up in my twitter feed, I couldn't believe it. When I saw your story and what you did all over Facebook, it shut me down. I closed the apps because I could not read anymore about how you RAPED a girl and you only were sentenced to six months in jail. When I read what your dad said, I wanted to punch something. My dad has a son who's a good swimmer too Brock. My dad has a son who has a happy-go-lucky personality. But my dad would never ever stand up for my brother if he did something as awful as RAPE an innocent woman. However, at least my dad has taught and will continue to teach him the meaning of respect and to be respectful to women. At least my brother knows right from wrong and how to treat women like queens. When your dad said that your six months in jail and three year probation was a tough price to pay for '20 minutes of action' I wanted to be sick. Brock, your 20 minutes of action is years and years of emotional and physical damage to that girl you RAPED.

​A few months after your sentence, my dad had me take a self-defense class. You know what we learned in that class? How to protect ourselves from people like YOU. Me and two other girls? We learned ways to protect ourselves while away at college, while going to parties like that young woman went to, while meeting people, and while guys like you are crawling around thinking that no answer because we're drunk and almost passed out means we're totally into it. We learned that there are guys like you who think "it's okay if I RAPE this girl because I am a great swimmer and have a wonderful personality and she's drunk and I'm drunk but it's okay". IT'S NOT OKAY.

​You know what else? Every article I read about you, the first thing anyone has to say is that you were some amazing swimmer at Stanford. That you could've gone to the Olympics. That's what the first line of every article reads. Those are the words that I see first when I click on an article with your name on it. Brock Turner, who the hell cares if you were a good swimmer? You know what everyone should care about? The fact that you are a life ruiner. The fact that the girl who you RAPED, will never ever have a normal life. While you're off doing whatever the hell it is you do now, she'll be living with the memories. Maybe one day you'll forget, but she never will.

​Brock Turner, when I read your name it makes me sick. When I see your face it makes me angry all over again. When I'm on social media and someone is talking about you, it takes all I have not to burst into tears for that woman that you RAPED. Brock Turner, I will pray for that girl. I just want you to know that I will pray for her to try and find the strength to move on and live a good life. I will pray that she finds a man who will treat her right and she will never ever have to deal with a RAPIST like you ever again. Brock Turner, I will pray for you too. Because at this point, no one can help you but God. Because at this point, no one can forgive you but Him.

Brock Turner, you'll probably never read my letter, but this is the letter you deserve. Not some other mushy gushy crap. THIS IS THE LETTER YOU DESERVE. I hope that when I have kids, they will know right from wrong because apparently you didn't. I pray that if I have boys, they will know how to respect women and if I have a girl, she will know, not only to protect herself, but that RAPE is never the victims fault. No matter what. Brock Turner, this is the letter you truly deserve.

​Sincerely, just another young woman in college

Published by Dallas Gomez