Cry, let it all out, don’t keep it in, shout if you want, be mad, be sad. Don’t talk to anyone, stay in your bed, eat chocolate ice cream, watch sad movies, and then cry again. It’s time to do all those things, it's fine to isolate yourself and be sad. What you are going through is not easy, having your heart shattered into pieces is always messy. Unfriend him in all social media, cut ties and all the connection you have with him, you deserve it. It is the least thing you can do for yourself. But once you are done with this get up and fix yourself up.

I know you are going through this cycle again, getting your trust broken again. But all you can do is to rise up from your ashes. Get up, make your bed, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “ you are stronger than this”. Yes, that’s right, fix your hair, put on some makeup and start to reinvent yourself. Remember, he may leave you, but your friends, family, and God didn’t leave you. Do the things you love, explore the world alone or learn new things. You don’t need someone to complete you and make you happy.

Dear broken hearted me, you deserve so much more. You deserve someone who can love you unconditionally. You deserve to be happy. You are an amazing person and don’t let someone define your happiness. Be the definition of your own happiness. Then, maybe in time let someone love you again.


Published by Tina Maria