Dear brother,

I can debate for hours with people about why I think

Feminism is for everybody, and I can tell you what 

I think too, but you just don't listen, I still hope,

However, that you'll read this one day and understand

What today I can't make you understand, but I'll keep trying

Because I don't want you to turn into our dad who didn't

Have anyone who would even think of trying to explain

To him the importance of his being a feminist, and I know 

That he has never been a bad figure to emulate in most

Respects, but I wish you wouldn't choose him as the only

Person you want to grow up like, although I know

You'd very much want to be just like your dad, but I wish

You would know better by the time you have to decide

Which way to go, one or the other, when there would

Be no cross road available, no periphery, because no

Matter the love that binds us as a family, and no

Matter the respect I do have for him, he has still not

Been the perfect man that I wish you would grow into,

Not perfect in terms of what the patriarchy wants you to be,

But perfect in the way that you'd accept your un-manly 

"Imperfections", and perfect in the way that you'd accept

my un-womanly "imperfections", and I don't exactly find it

In me to blame him for every cry that has been exacted

From me for being a woman, and every reverberating echo

Those cries have left in my life after having been silenced,

And every sore throat I have had after standing up to him

And others for the other women in my life only to be

Asked to stop, stop, please stop, by those very women,

And I cannot exactly blame him for everything that

He has not taught me and definitely not taught you,

But I have to place blame somewhere, because

While I have found out how to keep my conscious

Untainted and untarnished, and how to deviate

From roads that have been declared to be the only

Ones I can tread on, and while I know how to be more

Than I am supposed to be, you do not, neither do you know

That I can be more than I am supposed to be, and you see,

That makes me want to blame the entire the world, but I cannot

Help but blame him too, and yet I also know that he's only the

Product of the world that we live in, but I would have liked it if

He had done better, I would have liked it more than I can ever say,

So, dear brother, I am asking you, to please try to do better than

What you are taught to, and will always be taught to.

Published by Mahima Kapoor