A Letter to all of the young women I've had as campers

Dear Campers,

I want you to know that you are valid and beautiful and should never settle for mistreatment. I know that seeing a man who openly disrespects women and invalidates many identities in many ways walk into a position of higher power is scary, I completely understand that and don’t want to belittle your fear. However, I want you to acknowledge that fear and turn it into something useful. You are femme and in my very unbiased opinion, girls are the most powerful and strongest beings in this world. Use your girl power and find other people with similar feelings about our new fear mongering President and stick together. We need to focus on us and come together for the better of all of us. All of you beautiful beings are valid. Whether I had to chase you around camp to get you back in bed, or you were crouching down with me to find fairy stones, you are valid and I want you to believe nothing less. Whether you were yelling through the late hours of the night and early mornings or always offered to help, you deserve to have as equal of an opportunity as any man, specifically any white man. Please, don’t see these results as a reason to spit out hate, that makes us no different than them. Spread love and care and by whatever it takes, don’t allow yourself to be walked over. You matter, your voice matters, there is love in this world, you just also have to be willing to give it. Be you, unapologetically, and be safe. I love you.

With Love,

Counselor Deja


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Published by Deja Minor