Before I launch into this, I want to share a quick clip with you guys.  This was loaded to the @midnight Facebook page on September 30th.

And now....

Dear Mr. Hardwick,

I stumbled across this video late last week through one of my Facebook group feeds.  I must admit that I have never seen your show before but I regularly follow The Nerdist podcast during my slower days at work and am a huge fan.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I opened the video link.  What I saw, though, was nothing short of insulting.

Let me start off with some basic figures.  You briefly glossed over the 9 million voters comment when discussing the possible political sway of the vaping voter in this year's election.  These 9 million vapers are worth an estimated $3.5 billion dollars as of late 2015.  This year, that number will probably double.  These few billion dollars did not make it into the pockets of Big Tobacco and have put a huge hurting on the pharmaceutical industry as well.

By the end of this century, over one billion people are estimated to die from smoking related illnesses.  To the two industries I mentioned previously, those aren't people.  They are dollar bills.  "How much money can we get from these people before they cease to exist?"  Vaping is one of the most promising technologies on the market today to keep those people from dying too soon.  

Now, I understand satire and the exaggerated nature of what is presented for the purpose of a laugh.  However, what you presented is exactly what the general public sees as the vaping culture.  An outcast that tries to make himself look cool and in the end looks like a complete idiot.  The reality is that there is such a diverse culture of people who call themselves vapers.  A retired cop who decided to open his own vape shop.  A guy who quit working for CVS Pharmacy in pursuit of starting a vaping company to promote positive change in the lives of a soon to be "former" smoker.  There are mothers and fathers who decide to open their own shop, fathers and sons who go into a new family business to produce high quality and affordable juice.  These people are not in this industry for the money.  They are here to save lives and to try to reverse the damage done by the one-two combination of Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.

Mr. Hardwick, I understand the nature behind what you put on your show.  Vapers don't seem like a deciding factor in this years election.  However, this large a number of people can definitely sway the polls...

Until next time....

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