Dear F*ckboys,

  You are probably stopping to read this in the middle of responding to three "friends", making plans exclusively with each of them, so carefully that each of them don’t think there’s another girl in the mix. I know your type, and I’ve definitely had my run in with too many of you guys. Boys at my age (21) are all about friends with benefits, especially in the generation I’m faced with. I live in a society where one person isn’t enough, where missed opportunities scare the BEJEEZUS out of you guys. You seem to think that there is not enough, where having a girlfriend and treating her right is not fulfilling enough. Being NICE to someone is not enough. You seem to think that girls are into your douchebag behaviour.

  Check your ego at the door boys, we HATE you for it. If you treat someone like crap, you’re going to get a pretty bad reputation. Trust me, girls talk and you half the time are the centre of the conversation. Now don’t get too excited because it’s all about how shitty you guys are. Playing a girl isn’t right, we aren’t toys you can just choose to play with out of your toy-box.

    I understand that attractiveness is important. Walking down the street and making eye contact with a cute boy makes my heart jump. But when you start to get this massive ego that you can “get whoever you want” and ride solely on that fact, for a full ego you have a pretty shallow heart. How about not thinking so much about sex, and more about creating a relationship with someone, whether that be romantic or not. You will get much more fulfillment if you actually talk to this person of interest. And furthermore, you know why you get “bored” of people? It’s because all you care about is sex. Sex is redundant, and unless you have the comfort and the means to spice it up you’re going to get bored of the same shit over and over again. No relationship can last for very long when there’s no emotional connection there. Having mindless sex with someone, mine as well get a blow up sex doll to use. Hey, you were the one who didn’t want to get to know them.

   I get that FWB is a thing of our generation, and hey I mean as long as you both are aware of the state of the relationship I’m not one to tell you what to do. Yeah, it’s not the sex I’m concerned about, it’s about how you treat someone who’s clearly interested in creating a relationship with you, but you just string them along thinking it’s the best idea. But when guys string girls along, have sex with them, and blow them off and treat them like shit, that’s just not okay. Let them go. You’re obviously not THAT attached to them if you’re talking to Becky and also Hannah on the side, but oh I got a hot girl’s number at the bar last night.

   News flash, we have feelings. We get hurt and cry over you guys because you turn out to just be another f*ckboy in the mix. We wish you weren’t that, but you are. If you want any chance of a lasting relationship, take the time to get to know the other side of them. I understand that not all relationships work out, and that’s OKAY. At least the effort was put in and hey, some people aren’t meant for each other. Heartbreak from someone you love and someone who’s a f*ckboy are two completely different feelings.

    So next time you think about stringing a girl along, maybe straight up say what your intentions are. As your ego clearly states, you can get whoever you want right? If she says she’s not into the FWB thing, please respect that. We aren’t complicated, we just want to strain you all out, because no girl wants to date a f*ckboy. 

Published by Sarah Beaver