Dear God,

It's me again, Joan. It's been a week today since my brother collapsed. We found that he had heart failure. That's where the brain 'forgets' to send the signal to the heart to pump. So it stopped. Several times.

The doctors will put in a defibrillator and a pace maker so Thank You for helping doctors know enough to fix that. 

But they are still keeping my brother asleep. He has pneumonia and his temperature went up to 101 last night. But the doctors brought him back - You brought him back to us.

So we are all still praying to You because we still need help.  I pray that he's OK when they wake him up. Please don't let him suffer brain damage from the lack of oxygen. We know he has a rough road ahead of him and we know that with Your help, he will be strong and get through the hard times. And please help his wife too. She's been through a lot this week and she misses him terribly. Thank You.


Yes, I’ll keep the faith – I believe and trust You and I’ll keep up the prayers.

Thank you, I trust that his future is in Your hands.

If it’s ok, I’ll keep praying...

Published by Joan E. Wilder