Dear God, 

Thank You just doesn't seem to express how grateful I am for Your help... Thank you to all the wonderful people who read my cries for help and prayed too. It's pretty awesome when people you don't know stop what they are doing to pray to You for my brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

It's 2 weeks yesterday since Frankie lost consciousness and he's been in St. Luke's in NYC since. It's so far away - I feel helpless. But everyone in my family said he's getting the best of care and they have been wonderful to him. My thanks to all the Doctors and Nurses at St. Luke's too. And thank you to the man he works with that got the paramedics to help. And the paramedics in NYC - what can I say? I always thought you guys were awesome, but now that it's personal, I know you are heroes. I think everyone who helped to save the life of someone who isn't family - you all did the work of God and are heroes. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The next step is a pace maker and defibrillator and then rehab. He's anxious to go home and hopefully he'll have the patience to do everything the doctors say. So I will keep praying.

So, as I go to work, here's my prayer...

My Dear God, how can I Thank You enough for how you sent Jesus to work through all the wonderful people to help my brother? I am eternally grateful to You and them all...

With unending gratitude, your humble servant, Joan

Published by Joan E. Wilder