Dear God,

It's me again, Joan. Yesterday the Doctors didn't give us much hope on my brothers condition. Miracles have happened they said. But they just didn't know enough to give us hope. They didn't know how long he was without oxygen. They were lowering his body temperature so he could heal but they wouldn't be able to test for brain activity until he was awake.

I prayed. My family prayed. Our friends and co-workers prayed. My sister had the nuns and priests praying. And you heard all of us. Maybe some of the Doctors and Nurses at St. Lukes hospital prayed too. 

Today they brought his body temperature back up and he woke up. Just a little, but he woke up. They said blink and he blinked! They said to raise his arm and he did!

We won't know much for awhile. He still has lots of tubes and machines helping him stay alive from what they tell me. I'm too far away. The Doctors didn't promise that we would know much for awhile, except that he is very sick. He has a long road ahead and the tests to tell us if he'll be ok again are still in his future.

But he blinked! Thank You just isn't enough to say but it's all I have. Thank You. I'm not sure how else to tell You how grateful our whole family is, how grateful anyone that knows him is.

Yes, I’ll keep the faith – I believe and trust You and I’ll keep up the prayers.

Thank you, I can breath easier knowing this is in Your hands. I'll see you and Jesus in church in a little while, but I didn't want to wait a second to thank You.

If it’s ok, I’ll keep praying...

Published by Joan E. Wilder