Dear grandmother, where have you been

tell me your stories in their splendorous glory

are you content or was it unsatisfactory

do you feel like starting all over again?

Look at these hands marked by time

let's relax and unwind

and Grandmother rocks  in her rocking chair

her eyes start to gleam, "When I was nineteen,

I met a man, a soldier,

I fell in love with him, he was enchanting

a year later, we were married.

Fast forward to  five months

when I was pregnant, 

he suddenly lay on my lap, "Eulalia, I'm tired,"

were his words, and I cradled him

I had a glimpse, death was unheard

by 6 pm, with aching limbs

I told him our baby was moving within

but he didn't answer, minutes I waited

death claimed him, no I didn't know

I didn't want to let go

He was the only man in my life

the only man I loved

I want to see him in the afterlife."

Grandmother closed her eyes

I didn't reply, she held out her hand

I couldn't comprehend

why she never had another lover

other than her husband.

Years later, she died

and I never had a chance

to even say goodbye.


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Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo