The love of a grandmother is like no other. The kindness in their eyes, the warmth of their hug and the support they give to you each and every day could just be some of the best things in life.

Having the chance to sit down with them and listen to stories from her past are always inspiring and full of excitement. Professional story-tellers is a title she holds as her wisdom is like no other and the way she can hold on to your attention is incredible. She seems to know about everything and of course has a remedy for everything too.

She knows your favourite meals and has a plate in the fridge ready for you at all times. Her cooking and baking always stands above the rest because you can taste the love she sprinkled on top. Not to mention, there's always some for your lunch the next day.

She just want to have fun with you and do things that she never would have done with her children. She pulls silly pranks on you or tells the most ridiculous, sometimes inappropriate jokes, just to see your smile. She's never afraid to put on a show or be as crazy as she can, especially when she is with you.

Her door is always open. Actually, it is usually unlocked by accident but she's are always ready to welcome you with open arms and a few sweet treats she baked that morning.

She tends to have so much on her plate and can be fragile and delicate in her old age, but nothing can stop her. No matter the time of day or the situation you may be in, you can count on her to get to you just in time. Reliable doesn't even begin to explain the love, devotion and sense of protectiveness she has when it comes to her precious grandchildren.

She is ready to defend you in any situation, even if you and her both know that you are wrong. You are her precious, sweet, innocent grandchild. She's always there to hold your hand and guide you in the right direction.

A special bond that a grandmother has with her grandchildren is something that can never be forgotten. She is gentle and sweet yet strong and ready to take on the world.

Remind your grandmother how much you love her because at the end of the day, that's all she needs to keep her spirits high and her smile bright.

Published by Alexandra Scarlato