Dear life,

How are you?

I hope you're doing fine. It's rare that I get a chance to talk to you. You're running away from me all the time, after all. I don't even get to ask you the why's and how's of things that happen. You must know the answer to them, right? I'm pretty sure you know. You just like to keep quiet and watch me tear my hair out and suffer.

Even then, I love you. Well, to be honest, I want to love you, but... You're a little hard to love. But I gotta deal with you for the rest of forever so I guess I'd better learn that art sooner rather than later.

Dear life, why don't you slow down a little bit? Why are you always in such haste? I understand time does run fast and since she's your lover, you have to run after her, but, I believe a little slower wouldn't be a problem,right? At least, let me breathe! I know you're beautiful. I've been told that countless times and I've glimpsed your beauty in fits and starts. But why do you hide behind that ugly mask? It's scary. It's repulsive. And it makes you so much harder to love. Please take it off? I don't want to dislike you anymore. I want to love you and I want to gaze at you and be amazed by your brilliance. I can only hope for that to happen, for now.

Well, it's time for me to sign off. Hope you listen to my advice. It'll be great.

Till then, goodbye.


Published by Sohini Dutta