Dear Men and Women In Uniform Who Responded at UCLA: Thank You!


                Last Tuesday, a murder suicide shook the UCLA campus. When shots were fired, and there was a potential active shooter situation on hand, Bruin Alert let students known to seek cover and prompted a quick and efficient response from UCLA Police Department, LAPD, Santa Monica College PD and even the FBI.

                Within thirty minutes, police arrived in gear and began combing the maze that was the UCLA Boelter hall and Math and Sciences building. As a former UCLA student, I know how difficult it is to get vehicles to the areas of campus in question and how challenging it can be to navigate the buildings in what is referred to as South Campus by UCLA students. Police professionals combed each room, and made sure that the campus was safe before it was revealed that the shooting was a murder suicide. These brave men and women walked in with extraordinary courage, strength and compassion.

                The efficient response time and methodical search for the shooter have been credited to tactical training. Something that is done in addition to work time for these individuals who do prepare for a situation like this. On the day of the shooting there was a call made throughout Los Angeles to put the city  on alert and the response was overwhelming.

                From someone who once attended UCLA, I would like to say thank you. Whatever you rank, whatever your department, I offer heartfelt gratitude for showing up to protect my alma mater. And thank you for protecting this city on a daily basis.

Published by Irina Yakubin