Our past has not been that glamourous;

our present doesn’t shine as if we thought it would;

yet our future will only get better.

Black people our Ancestors went through things we couldn’t even imagen. Yet what keep them strong and resilient was the fact they stayed together. When we had nothing but ropes, we each climbed together.

“Our Ancestors found the ball; the next generation started to roll it; now we must keep the ball rolling – cnc”

History feels like yesterday because to most of our elders it was. This is not the time to give in; to become complacent with what they barley give us. Most importantly this is not the time for us to divide ourselves. We must continue to come together. History has shown when we come together as a body of people there is no force grater except God.

Black people we are Strength,





 Fashion designers,










Gold medalist,


We are everything they never wanted us to be. Now is not the time to pride ourselves on what we have gotten; it’s time to finally build what we deserve. The most powerful force (outside of God) is the people. There is no president or government that can stop us unless we allow them to. We must always and forever stand with each other and not against.

My brothers and sister, our earthly belongings don’t make us any more or less great. it’s the soul that our Ancestors and elders have left in us; making us this powerful and beautifully resilient. We can become any and everything we have always wanted to be. In order to do that we must do it together. We are the only race that is quick to look down on our own people. We’d rather buy from the white hand rather than help our brown hands up. We’d rather kill each other than to work with one another.

Black people can have better; we WILL HAVE BETTER.

It must 1st start with us.

Fall in love with your blackness; fall in love with who you are and what we are. Fall in love with your beautiful black self. You are worthy. You are grater then what they have allowed us to think. You are powerful; whether it be through your words, songs, speeches, teachings, ways and works; use it to boast our young black leaders and life changers.

Black people, we are the heart and soul of America, now it’s time to be the heart and soul of our people.

I love and wish you all the best; you deserve it.

I love you Black people; I love you my people.


Published by Cierra Nicole Crews