Dear (fill in the blank),

Yes, I guess I am as what you said a "Nigger Lover". Although, that word is disgusting, hateful, politically incorrect, and should not be used. To some of the world, that is what you would refer to an African American as. I am not going to be offended by you calling me that. You know why? I am with the first man, who has ever treated me like a woman should be treated. I honestly do not care about the color of his skin. Honestly, I am kinda jealous. Do you realize how tan he gets in the summer? I wish. What does bug me though, is the fact that you never took your chance to meet him. Instead you judged him based completely on his skin tone.

Why does it matter to you who I am going to spend the rest of my life with? It honestly shouldn't matter as long as I am in a healthy relationship. Trust me, I am. I am with someone, that has treated me like a queen since the day he met me. He took care of me when I was ill, and has sat with me when I was crying my eyes out. He did that because he is a human, and that's what compassionate caring humans do. He doesn't care that I'm white. I don't care that he's black. We love each other, and that's all that should matter.

What would you say if I was in a relationship with a guy who abused me physically and mentally? Would you rather me be in that relationship or the one I am in now?

Skin tone means absolutely nothing, or at least it shouldn't. If you are still judging people based of their skin tone and where they come from you are not going to get very far in the world. You know why? This is why. The rest of us don't care. I would rather have a diverse family and friends versus being with the same people all the time.

So, I don't care that you called me what you called me. I still love him the same that I loved him yesterday. I'm more than willing to let go of you though because you obviously have an issue with my happiness.

Have a wonderful day.

Bailie Nicole Scheer

Published by Bailie Scheer