Fathers are the kings of their kingdoms, which we call home. They are the ones who plan how things would work around their domain and protect it. Whenever a kingdom would need more supplies for survival, the king will find ways to provide it; even if it takes long voyages.


When I was a little girl, I saw my father as a huge man with the abilities of a king—like those in the fairy tales I used to read. He had to travel across distant shores to give us all the things we need. Like a king, he left his queen, his princesses and prince for a chance to give them a better life.


The years went by, I saw my siblings grew up and my mother grew a little older too. We had fewer chances of seeing my father for he had to return to this foreign land immediately after coming back home. We waited for his calls, for his post cards, photos and letters. I remember my mother taking pictures of our special days at school and holidays. She would always make us pose even if we don’t want to. I always wondered why she does that. She then prints those photos and sends them to my father. I realized dad didn’t get the chance to see us personally during those times.


As the technology progressed, communication became easier. Through this, our bond became stronger.  As he provides us the things we need, I realized he still doesn’t come home often. We haven’t celebrated Christmas together, for as far as I can remember. Honestly, I do not have any Christmas memory with him.


Even now that I am all grown-up, still like a little princess, I’m waiting for him. Santa, I’ve been good all-year-round, let him come home to our little kingdom.

Published by Chiara Marie