We know you fight for these counties and come back to a lack of benefits. No place to live, Crowed V.A hospitals. Lack of medicine to provide to those in need. And the Government sends you away with dreams in your head, and courage in your hearts. To come back to a place were everything you thought would be better got a whole lot worse. 

Now don’t get me wrong, while in service you are treated well. Good insurance, good benefits, total compensation, Education, Family Housing and etc. The sad reality is that not all of them are able to have this much luck once out of the system. They no longer have the ability to get free housing, Education etc. Most of our companies single handedly allow veterans to get discounts, free stuff and also pay raises. Without these companies, there would be a lot more veterans on the street with Homeless signs.

I wish I had the finical stability to change so many things because I promise you I would. In Christ Our Father blesses those whom follow him, Esp. those who are battling others due to their disbelief. He Grants them what their heart desires, he cleanses us inside and out,.He keeps all promises he’s made, and he Give us freedom from the bondage of sin. Thank you Jesus!!! So if the Lord our God is blessing those whom fight for Christ, why can’t the government help those whom fight for our survival as a country? I truly feel they should be treated like royalty. We have people who are going and physically putting their lives on the line, for people who could care less if they die or live. Instead we treat them as if they never even mattered. They should have places where veterans can work only if they wanted to. They should have a check for the rest of their lives, housing should be free to those who retired. We should make it a veteran’s month or even week, not just a day. Celebrating all those long lost hero’s, whom fought and are still fighting for us as a whole. Taxes should be helping the V.A hospitals, in that way they will be able build and fund more things for the V.A hospitals & patients.

There are some many open avenues for things to do that can change the world completely, allowing all the good things too surface and actually help all people who feel they have fallen short. But neither apart nor together can we do this without the Lord. Our country and its values will continue to fail, if no one stands up and does right Under God! We need leaders who will not be afraid of what and how they feel. That they will feel empowered working behind the greatest king. We Can do This… I am calling All Christ leaders, stand up, Take charge… and make a positive change!!

Published by Cierra Nicole Crews