Did you have a moment in your life when you are scared to take that leap of faith? You want to do something you really want but afraid it might not turn out the way you want it? Doubts and second thoughts are running through your mind. But there’s that still voice telling you to break away and take that big jump.

Being in your mid-20’s you can’t help but think and assess your life. Things you want and need to do in your existence. Stuff that matters a lot to you and that would complete your mission as an individual. Well, I am dealing with that situation right now and I guess most of us do. As I’m writing this blog while waiting for a cab to my work I can’t help but to think why are we so afraid to take that jump in life? Because of uncertainties in this world, well no one can be so sure of their situation on this planet and we certainly don’t know the future that’s coming ahead of us. Yes, it’s easier said than done but what if we don’t take that step how we will know what’s in store for us? There are amazing things that might be waiting for us. There can be opportunities that could build us into a person that we can never imagine.

As I’m listening to Jessica’s new single “fly”, she said that we can fly and that made me reflect. We should not be afraid to break away, to make mistakes or to fail along the way. So what? Life is not always going to work the way we want it. Mistakes and failures can be our strengths and we can learn so much from them to be the person we are destined to be. No one is perfect; everyone is entitled to make some errors on their journey. And that makes you a brave person ready to take on everything.

As Cecilia Ahern wrote in her new released book “Flawed” (which is so awesome by the way), “If you make a mistake, you learn from it. If you never make a mistake, you’re never the wiser.”
So, let’s take a leap of faith in life and fly. Spread our wings and face the new adventure and challenge in life. Let’s continue to write those blank pages in our book, let’s make it messy and inspiring at the same time.



Published by Tina Maria