To you who is hurting right now with unimaginable pain, to you who has been shattered and left into pieces.  Yes, you are enduring all the numbing ache in your heart but remember this is only temporary. Your heart will eventually heal from all the agony.

You might face the world with a whole new perspective in your sight. You might face the world with new scars written in your soul. I have to admit that you will never be that same person before all this happened. You might not love for a while; you might feel scared when trusting people. But to be honest, it is normal and you are not alone on this journey. Some people went through all that; some people experienced the way you are facing right now. But these people learned to rise up after they were down on their knees.

Mistakes and heartbreaks are part of being human. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay to stay on the couch, sob and eat ice cream while watching heartbreaking movies (maybe for a week or two). But after that, you must get and fix yourself up. That person doesn’t deserve to be cried over forever, that person doesn’t deserve your time. Well, you can learn from the experience and you will be that person you are meant to be. Go and get a new haircut, new wardrobe, pamper yourself for you are too beautiful for that guy/girl and it’s her/his loss.

To you who will get over this stage in your life, I want you to know that once this is over you will be wiser and stronger to face the next phase. Yes, you are meant to be broken sometimes but we are also meant to rise from our ashes and transform our version 2.0 and risk ourselves for new challenges. You will be happier, for you know in yourself that you survived this phase of your existence. And you will learn to love yourself more, appreciate yourself more and to find yourself for your own reason and not because of someone else.

A precious diamond, that’s what you are. God polishes you to remove the rough edges in your life. And you’re one step closer to achieving that “shine bright like a diamond” you. To you who’s heart has been broken, you will heal and continue to love again.

Published by Tina Maria