There were neither butterflies nor sparkle when you walked by. But you had a lot of prim, and that caught my attention. Then you started the conversation. Oh you never flirted, no ostensible hints of any kind. You simply got me with your storytelling.

After a few laughs over dinner, it just felt easier. You were no longer a stranger, I guess. Though it was a bit scary, you know why? Because the stranger to me now, was THIS feeling.

I wasn’t ready to love again just yet. But you taught me not to prepare. Instead you said as long as we both wanted to date some more, we simply had to see what happens from there. There was none much we knew about each other. But we gave curiosity a chance, and leeway to familiarize, so I stayed a little more while.

Then, dear stranger, love did happen. And I figured it doesn’t always come in glitter or magic. For the record, it unfolds with COURAGE to ask – from What’s your name? When are you free? Where should I pick you up? To questioning the reason of why anyone should ever try love… Why not?

Published by Czesca dela Rama