You did this.

Congratulations! You've successfully forced this country to take a giant step backward.

You've handed one of the most powerful countries in the world over to a man with 0 political experience. 

You've just elected a president that ran their entire campaign on hatred and insulted millions of people along the way.

Many of the the people that I trusted the most and looked up to in college identified as gay, bisexual, or gender non conforming. Your vote for Trump told the LGBTQIAP+ community that you don't believe that they should have basic human rights, like marrying the person they love or having protection from discrimination. Is that how you make America "great" again?

One of my best friends from high school is Muslim. Your vote for Trump told Muslims that instead of seeing what the majority of people who follow Islam believe, you will continue to falsely judge, attack and blame them because of the actions of an incredibly small percentage of people. Is that how you make America "great" again?

My best friend from college is Costa Rican. Your vote for Trump told the Latinx and Hispanic communities that you support the false stereotypes that surround them and that you're okay with having a president who views them all as "murderers and rapists." Is that how you make America "great" again?

That same friend from college as well as another friend (who was also a mentor) were not born in the U.S. Your vote for Trump told immigrants that you don't want them to have a chance at the American Dream, despite the fact that some of your own grandparents and great-grandparents were also immigrants. And that you're okay with Trump assuming that all of them are drug dealers. Is that how you make America "great" again?

I am African American. Your vote for Trump told African Americans that you want to take away all of the progress that our ancestors fought for. That having a president who supports "stop and frisk" despite the fact that it was deemed unconstitutional because we were being unfairly targeted is okay. And that you're supporting a president who claims he wants to help our community, yet doesn't seem to understand that not all of us are poor and uneducated living in inner cities. Is that how you make America "great" again?

I am a woman. Your vote for Trump told women that you don't give a damn about our rights. That you don't want women to be in control of our own bodies. That you think bragging about sexual assault is just "locker room talk" and that you're okay with the president of the United States perpetuating rape culture. Is that how you make America "great" again?

And while we're at it.....when exactly was America great? No matter what time period you go back to, this country has never been perfect. So if you think that genocide, slavery, segregation, the Great Depression, or lack of womens' rights were "great" time periods then that says a lot about you and none of it is good.

On the other hand... thank you. For exposing yourselves - and many other in this supposedly "great" country - for the bigots that you are.

Oh and thanks to all of you, the global market plummeted last night before Trump even reached his 270. You didn't just screw up our country, you screwed a lot of people over.

I woke up today with a message from a former resident of mine telling me that he was scared for the both of us. For me as a woman of color and for himself as a member of the LGBTQIAP+ community. This is what's happening in America right now. People are afraid because instead of choosing to shatter a glass ceiling you wanted to support racism and homophobia.

Carla even offered me a stay in her guest room. She lives in Australia. 

I hope you all are proud of yourselves, because on you.

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Published by Rae Coleman