*Disclaimer! I do not intend to discriminate against anyone with this post! Spread love not hate!*


I am an avowed meat eater and little by little I feel discriminated against in a society that seems to be living from avocado on toast and quinoa. We are confronted with the vegetarian/pescetarian/vegan movement 24/7 through the media. “How to make a vegan steak”, “How going vegan saved my life”, “Why all meat eaters are murderers”. Ok, ok, I have watched numerous videos about veganism, I have listened to Freelee the Banana girl talking about her high carb diet on Youtube and have seen videos of animals being tortured on farms, and I totally get were vegans are coming from. But I still don’t feel like eating meat is a crime.

Unfortunately, I got to experience vegans as aggressive missionaries who feel the need to comment on everybody’s eating habits and choice of food. I had one friend who went vegan overnight. From then on she was mainly eating raw food like fruits and vegetables. I’m not someone to judge her for her decision to go vegan, the point where I felt egged on was when she starting preaching about her new lifestyle during lunch time on a daily basis. She even got aggressive as more and more friends began to ignore her and here advices.

Not everyone falls in love with the idea of never eating a burger again. Having spinach and smoothies and meat substitutes doesn’t sound desirable to everyone. And that’s what most vegans fail to accept. Eating my turkey bacon sandwich sitting next to a vegan makes me feel like a non-Catholic in a church. But I’m not a bad person for eating what I want. I don’t have a problem with eating less meat for the environment’s sake, I'm just not ready to ban all animal products from my diet. I simply don’t believe that such an extreme nutrition is the best for the human body or at least my own body.

What I am saying is that if I don’t judge vegans for trying to imitate a hot dog with a disgusting soya tofu recipe (and YES, I tried some and SORRY, it was revolting) then I expect them to let me eat my real hot dog in peace. I think the world would be a better place if everyone concentrated on being the best person they can, rather than trying to impose their mindset and lifestyle on others. Be you, do you but accept that not everyone needs to be just the same as you!


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