FACT! WE are Privileged,
FACT! WE cherish Privilege,
FACT! WE are afraid of letting it go,

Believe me when I tell you,
Your fear is valid,
Every year Harvard and Yale produce a study,
Concluding African-Americans and minorities,
Work 10 times harder,
And if given a chance to succeed,
Perform better at all levels of education,

Maybe you don’t want to accept facts,
Refuse to accept truth,
Were told lies by parents,
Who were told lies by grandparents,

Confederate flag,
Red, white and Blue,
Rednecks and Pride,
KKK and the FBI,
Sometimes the CIA,
Don’t forget the TSA,

Without pseudo democracy,
Capitalism our well oiled machine,
Dead presidents raising wine glasses,
Southern cotton farmers hanging runaways,
Northern Whites buying Africans from Wall Street,

Government buildings built upon Native Burial Grounds,
Signing treaties with EVIL intentions,
Never fulfilling OUR side of treaty transactions,.

Without Forced LABOR,
If COLUMBUS never committed genocide,
Wished Africa went to WAR with Europe,

Capitalism would not be present,
Nor able to function,

Dear WHITE people,

FACT! White males paid more,
FACT! White females paid less,
FACT! African-American males and females paid worse,

This system only survives,
This system only produces,

If factories are filled,
If streets flow,

With the blood of African Americans and minorities,

Published by Khalid Zilberg