"Dear You, Please Remember"


Dear, you:


As you wander,


In blissful solitude, 


Please remember:

People need people, 

People change people.

People need you, 

You change people. 

You need people,

People change you.


As much as we hate interaction, 

As much as we hate the idea of drama,

Do not let that stop you,


Please remember to have:





And joy, 

With friends. 


I don't want you to change,

I want you to grow,

I don't want you to fall,

I want you to soar. 

So when we are apart,

And I can't break you out of your shell,


Please remember: 

Don't stop believing,

I've had the time of my life,


Carry on my wayward son. 


These are memories I hold dear,

These are songs stuck in my head,

But you like them so there's that. 


 I can't wait to hear about,

New memiories you make,

With new friends,

On new adventures,

Listening to new songs. 


So you,

Please remember:

Put yourself out there,

And I'm only one call away. 

Published by Britt Cole