In a time where most of us can practically do anything and everything thanks to the Internet, why should you ever use a luxury travel agent? Well, the answer might just take you by surprise!

The mere mention of “travel agent”, many would irk of even considering hiring one. Since it’s easier to get a plane ticket, book a hotel, reserve a car rental and prepare the itinerary with the help of so-called “travel hacks”, why would anyone consider paying extra for an agent?

You might be surprised to know that today’s travel-planning professionals are no longer your great grandmother’s travel agents. They have a wealth of travel knowledge and do so much more than just booking your plane tickets.

However, many still don’t understand their real value. In fact, others question the motives of these agencies or their profession.

Below, let’s debunk the most common misconceptions surrounding travel agents and separate facts from merely hearsay.

#1 “I can just as easily book the same trip on my own!”

Yes, you definitely can!

If you have loads of extra time dedicated solely to looking for cheap flights, budget-friendly hotels and top-of-the-line organizing and planning skills. If you have, then good for you since preparing and planning for your vacation will certainly be a breeze.

However, if there’s a slight turn of events, such as cancelled flights, multiple flight connections and fully booked hotels, professionally working with a luxury travel agent who has already been to where you’re going and who has a friendly working relationship with airlines, hotel managers and tourism boards can be truly invaluable.

Although securing your hotel room could be easy with a single click, your travel advisor is a wealth of information. He or she may know which hotel/hotel rooms have the best view of the sunset or sunrise or of the beach or city or which time of the year is the best or worst to visit.


It’s their job to know!

Although you may have access to the same outlets as your travel agent when looking to book, they have better access to exclusive package deals, which are often not available to the public.

The best part?

Your travel agent has more leverage when it comes to, say, hotel who claim to be booked when in fact they’re not. They’re holding that out for travel agent reservations.

#2 “They are expensive.”

Perhaps, this is one of the most popular misconceptions of all time.

Here’s a simple fact—not every single service provided by a travel agency has attached fees. For every business these agencies bring in, say, from booking various hotels and other vendors, they are paid in commission.  

In other words, travel agencies are paid by the vendors directly, not by charging you fees. Plus, they can get VIP statuses for their clients or even special rates, even if it’s your first time to stay.

The fees that the agents do actually charge are marginal, even offering discounts or even drop the fee as long as you have finalised a trip with them.

#3 “It’s just the travel perks they’re after.”

Yes, it’s true that this profession has its pros. However, thinking that they’re in it because of the free travel, then it’s like saying that chefs are in it for free food or pilots are in it so they could see the world.

All types of jobs have perks, but it takes a lot of hard work and patience and determination to be the expert in your field. Yes, these agents often travel, checking new hotels, doing product research, taking oculars to new locations because their services relies on consumer satisfaction.

They simply can’t neglect their responsibilities, or the business will suffer. Travelling to various destinations that we often dreamed of may be their privilege, but sharing those experiences to clients and making sure their clients have the best vacation or destination wedding is more than their passion.


So before you go rushing to any conclusions and saying no to your luxury travel agent, talk to them first and check out what they have in store for you and your family. So when others may tell you “no”, you agent could give you a “yes”—yes to discounts, yes to the best sunset views, yes to the best table in the resto, etc. 

Bio: Infinity & Beyond Travel has only one goal in mind. It is to offer clients an almost limitless amount of choices (that’s the infinity) whilst always exceeding expectations (that’s the beyond). Our team of hardworking, friendly, knowledgeable, meticulous and well-travelled agents are geared at ensuring you can enjoy a holiday with peace of mind.

Published by Joseph Webb