Back in May, King Draft released his 3rd album, and until now has not released anything besides his single “Livin’” which featured KO 5000. Though Draft has been dropping subliminals on his social media, the release of a music video for his second single “Deception” was very much unexpected. As elaborate as the song (/album as a whole) is the video is surprisingly simple and raw; It is the editing (also done by KD) and symbolism that takes the video to another level.


If you are a fan of King Draft's, you already know “Deception” is ultimately about how blacks have been conditioned to identify with european perception. It discuss politics (of this country and within the rap industry)— hence the video’s ongoing double image theme, one image being black and white, symbolic of  his perception as a black man in America. Draft brings his go-to producer Jerm Scorsese on set for a brief cameo just to show that their relationship goes beyond the deceitful industry. The humbleness stops there; Draft’s  borderline arrogance present in all of his music is very much alive in the “Deception” music video. The Kingdom logo pops in and out as a way to force-feed the idea that Draft is in fact the uncrowned king of hip-hop. He himself displays a modest cockiness when he refers to himself while pointing to the sky, a gesture that is explained later in the song with a KRS sample. Though subtly, KD also reveals the different versions of himself with wardrobe changes— the 1st version of himself being the original King Draft from the streets of Plainfield, New Jersey, 2nd being “woke Draft” and the 3rd being “industry Draft”—  I’ll let you all decipher which outfit corresponds with each  ego. 

Other than that, the video is basically comprised of King Draft vibing out to his music. Again, he manages to simply complexity. Well done.

Published by P Dot