You have probably seen someone walking down the street with a luxury bag like Louis Vuitton, Chanel or similar.  Jealous?  Don’t be.  It is more than likely a well made replica bag, probably from – a home for quality replica pieces.  There was a time not to long ago when determining the difference between the two was quick and easy to do.  Anyone could tell a real from a fake bag with ease.

Not anymore.  Unless you are a trained authenticator with years of training and experience under your belt, there is no way you can tell the difference between a real and fake bag.  Even then, many of them are struggling to make the determination for themselves, and sometimes, they are wrong.

Go to the Internet.  The number of sites on the web has grown exponentially in the last decade alone – You Tube is 2005 for example.  The number of sites that deal in replica pieces is astounding.  Bagbella is one of the few who take the time to learn the real bag and makeup.  This has the luxury houses frantic trying to keep ahead of what the replica manufacturers are doing, and it is a hard fought battle.

There are plenty of places that justify their reasoning as to why a bag is so great.  Things like:

  • Made in the same factory;
  • Production is always moving to China;
  • These are overruns and sold at a discount.

The only places that make the authentic bags are France, Italy and Spain.  No luxury house will outsource any of their work to China.

Some time ago, you could depend on what was new and hot in the season to find your replicas.  Replica companies are buying an authentic piece from that season and immediately making their copies from it.  The bag industry is not alone in this: shoes, sneakers, jewelry and streetwear are done in the same fashion.

If you are set on a bag for this season, you will take a chance on a bag that will be made in shoddy, quick fashion so it can get onto the market as soon as possible.  The look and season is what matters, and they don’t care if you are not happy when you get your bag.  This is not the case at Bagbella – they want you to have the best of the best.

Everything in this field is happening online.  People are willing to take chances and gamble.  They spend the authentic amount of money for a well-made replica.  Why?  There are three types people in the world who are after luxury products: Those who want a luxury bag, those who want a luxury but get a replica and those who want a replica bag.

Think before you open your wallet.  If the deal is almost too good to be true, it is too good.  Once you send money via Western Union, it is gone, and there is no recourse to recoup your losses.  Here is something to remember: an authentic bag will not depreciate significantly, even after a few years.  A cheaply priced authentic bag is a replica and likely one of poor quality.

It is not difficult to copy a picture or some code from a website.  You will see authentic pieces in the pictures, absolutely.  What you will get in the mail will be a replica.  Again, watch your wallet.

Click, hold and drag a picture to a search engine bar.  It will identify the picture for you and its origin.  Then you will know if you have a real or fake bag.  Yes; it is that simple to do.

Even popular sites, such as Reddit, has subreddits for replica brands.  Granted these are deeply buried in the site and often just links elsewhere, but the sites are there for  anyone with the time and determination to find them.

Expect stories that make sense.  The bag is from the same factory.  It was just made at night, after the regular shift went home and no one was watching.  Look for key words like overrun, wholesale and authorized-retailer.  None of these are valid, authentic dealers.  Only the details will let you know for sure.  Is the site trustworthy?  Does it have the quality, price and service that you would expect?  Are there reviews to read?  All of this is important when bag shopping.

Replica manufacturers have this craft down to a science almost.  The best of the best in the authentication process have to look for the most miniscule details that are almost impossible to duplicate.  Things like the screw head and thread, the zipper pull, stitches and the finish.  Yes; the replica makers, including Bagbella, have pushed the envelope that far for the authenticators to review a bag.

Even the best luxury bag will have some flaws.  Luxury bags are made by hand, and humans make errors.  Some will even smell the leather as leathers have distinct smells from one to another.  Even the same type of leather will smell different than another piece.

Even so, you can still expect the replicas to be very close.  The human element is about the only thing that will be absolute, but then again, the authenticator is also human.  Can a mistake be made? Certainly so.  Keep in mind: Authenticators go through a long and detailed process to get where they are.  It is no simple task to become someone who can tell the difference between a bag that is valued at $300.00 vs. one valued at over $3,000.00.  Even then, a mistake can happen.  Suffice to say your friends who doubt you will not be able to tell the difference, even if they search the Internet.

Luxury bag makers often turn to hyperbole to get their brands protected.  The biggest argument: Child labor.  Granted; at one time child labor was common in China.  Restrictions on family size have all but done away with child labor.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.  If you want an authentic bag, buy one.  If you don’t want an authentic bag, get a replica from  It is fairly cut and dry.

Published by scott jack