Former Miss Great Britain Zara Holland recently lost her title for her shocking romp with Vicky Pattinsons ex Alex Bowen on ITV’s Love Island. A week later, she recieved some news that her mother was ill and therefore had to leave the show. On being told that she had lost her crown, Zara broke down on national television being left to the consoling arms of fellow islanders. All except Alex Bowen who joked that she could now ‘have a career in porn’. A spokesperson for Pageant officials released a statement "We wholly understand that everyone makes mistakes, but Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of her" ironically even though Zara has been described to have lost her crown, pageant officials have told her she is allowed to keep her tiara. She argued that she had worked hard for her title and had achieved it by herself. However Zara seems to have moved on as she has joked about selling it on ebay! There is a petition to reinstate Zara as Miss GB which currently has over 20,000 signatures. Many people believe that taking her title away was wrong. Reasons such as the fact that she is a young woman looking for love or the simple assumption that she is a woman with needs. Decrowning Zara Holland has brought about the sexist debate. Would such severe punishment have been dished out if she were male? Everything would seem to be going wrong for Zara Holland losing her crown and leaving Love Island however she was photographed at the Tarzan Premiere sporting a beautiful dress. Many people have wondered if she was trying to upstage the female lead Margot Robbie. So I guess what I want to know was; Has losing her crown actually helped boost her career with more publicity circling her? Or will Zara Holland always have that negative stigma attached to her future career prospects?

Published by Gabrielle Cummings