A conversation with a friend sparked discussion based of this seemingly simple topic; what is happiness?

It seemed like an easy answer. I could provide examples of what made me happy: people, feelings, specific circumstances. But I realize that none of these examples that I could provide fit into one overall definition. So I had to give it some thought.

I came to the conclusion that happiness is simply being comfortable in your own skin. On the most basic level, it means that you are comfortable with who you are. There's a lot more to this than just simply being comfortable with who you are, but that's for another post. I want to just touch on the idea of being comfortable with who you are, maybe spark some ideas of what happiness is to you (the readers). 

There is clearly a second part to this conversation following the definition of happiness.

Am I happy?

My answer would be no. But I'm trying. I'm slowly getting there. I'm slowly forming my identity with those around me. I'm becoming more comfortable with myself, realizing that many of my insecurities are purely self-inflicted. It's a journey, a constant struggle between the external environment and the human psyche. I wish all of you the best on your own journeys. 

Published by Jack Beck