I’m not going to lie, but I have a horrible, unhealthy, delicious habit and I’m not afraid to admit it! I’m a smoker! I’m smoking a Marlboro light, as I’m write this sad little confession. I use to be a good boy, I was! Before my return to Marlboro country, I didn’t even touch a cancer stick for years. I can’t blame it on peer pressure or some bullshit excuse really. I honestly don’t remember how I started again, I guess I just fell into that smoky rabbit hole and never really left. I started when I was very young, too young for you even to believe me. However, trust when I say, I didn’t hit puberty  yet, when I started lighting up like a chim chimney. It really is a naughty habit, which needs to be eliminated ASAP!  Every time I’m done with one pack and I tell myself, this will be the last one. However, I just end up going back for more, like a really bad relationship, that I can’t bear to quit. Nevertheless, if don’t exit these cravings, it will just end up killing me and that not kosher or going to happen. I’ll probably stop after this last pack, and that’s no bullshit! Well…we’ll see what happens!

Published by Fonzie Solanno