Our city of Toronto is a hodge-podge of cuisines within the span of a few kilometers. Honestly, it is no wonder that it is a great place to live. Chinese cuisines abound in Chinatown, Little Italy boasts some wonderful Italian cuisine, the Danforth is home to mouth-watering Greek food, and along Gerrard Street you’re sure to find something that catches your adventurous side with some spicy Indian food.

Now, this summer has been a trip in exploring what Toronto has to offer, and this weekend, we came upon a cute little Vietnamese spot tucked away on the southwest corner of Gerrard St. E. and Boulton Ave, called Que Ling Restaurant. This place is kept neat and tidy on the outside, and the inside of the restaurant, while small, is equally clean. The ambiance is non-pretentious and homey. The condiments and utensils with napkins are thoughtfully and practically organized for easy access on each table. There is a T.V. (which was set on the Blue Jays  game last night – Go Jays Go!) and so, you need not have any qualms about dining by yourself if you so choose. This place, like a lot of good restaurants in our city, seems to be family-owned. The staff are very friendly, and you get that sense that you have just been invited by good friends for a good meal.


Beef Phở


We ordered the Beef Phở, mine the cooked beef, and for a meal that cost all of $6.25 for a large size, boy did this totally exceed expectations! The broth was that perfect blend of smooth and hearty, minus the excessive sodium and overly-exhausting surface flavouring. The beef was cooked just enough for it to be fall-0ff-the-bone tender (although there were no bones), and the rice noodles were firm, yet soft, and held on the chopsticks quite steadily before finding their way into my waiting mouth. This place is honestly a MUST-TRY if you live in the area or just happen to be there for a bit. I have tried a few Vietnamese places claiming to serve good Phở in our city, but this one delivers without the ego.

Que Ling is closed on Tuesdays but operates from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week.

So, if you’re feeling like Phở some night, and looking for something that will cause all of a minuscule dent in your bank account, this is your spot!


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