Which are you?

It seems like an odd question to drop at someone’s feet or is it? I don’t think it is – and if I did I wouldn’t have much to write about honestly. When you take into account all the missteps that Donald Trump has, and will continue to make, you have to look at those still firmly in this corner. How does it make any sense at all? Maybe that’s another point because none of this seems plausible.

Is America an evolved nation? It’s hard to say that when half of the country is determined to bleed for a party whose current face is belligerent, hateful – and if not glaringly racist, then racially dismissive to frightening degrees while being a known bully to women. Republicans, are you really going to vote for this man?

Once it was clear that Trump would be the nominee of the GOP I considered the vision of him actually taking up residence in the White House. I know how divided this country is, across too many issues to count, so I took a moment and realized that enough dedicated republicans could make that a reality. The feeling that turned in my chest wasn’t one of comfort. The fact that he was doing well in the polls didn’t frighten me per se, I was far more alarmed at the support he garnered to boost him forward. He cultivated a following that would not mute themselves or sit idly on their hands waiting for their turn. There was a level of support that caught a lot of Americans – and those around the world by surprise.

What’s the conscience of this country?

Factoring the damning evidence, video and audio recordings that portray Trump in unflattering ways how can any American look to him as a leader; as the person fit to represent the entire country? His followers defend the indefensible, adorn him with praise at his rallies and keep up their fierce loyalty. It’s as if he’s a deity in their eyes.

From the time I could remember, I was taught in history class how church and state should be separate. I could also realize how that’s not remotely possible being that God and religion is intertwined in government and United States legislature at every level.

Americans scream to the mountains about keeping religion out of politics but isn’t following a candidate, strictly due to party affiliation, a form of religion in itself?

Believing in a message? Check. Ignoring the inadequacies a candidate may express? Check. Defending the most abhorrent transgressions? Check. Crying about being misunderstood when there are decades of evidence proving that the masses truly understand the human you are? Check. Acting with aggression towards a dissenting faction, namely, democrats or independents? Yup.

This isn’t a public service announcement for the campaign of Hilary Clinton, not at all. As a registered democrat I have no qualms about the fact that I will vote for her but I can say with a clear heart that I have voted across party lines in the past because I’m American before I’m a democrat. Is she perfect? No. Is she trustworthy? Maybe I’d let her baby-sit my nephews, maybe? The most important thing to me is that she seems capable of handling the highest office, she has experience – and above all else she seems reasonable.

Republicans, are you Americans or members of the GOP first and foremost?

I’d really like to know. How can anyone think that Trump is fit to be president? I find those that are unrelenting in their support of the republican ticket, knowing the platform – Does he have one besides bluster? – and positions he’s taken to be a kind of human being I probably couldn’t agree on dinner plans with. (On that hypothetical evening, she and I would have to avoid talking about politics at all costs which is fine in my book.)

Remove all political party ties from the equation and think to yourself, as an American citizen, can you vote for him to be president? If political parties did not exist, could you walk into that voting booth and select him?


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