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I was driving my car when the red light stopped me.
Lost in my lonely thoughts, as usual.
Listening to the silence of my solitude, as usual.
When suddenly he knocked my window with his small filthy hands begging for money.
I ignored him, and then thought what a waste his life is, and so is of those thousands like him. Same goes for those hoary, grumpy, fit for nothing patients.
Yes, I know what you are thinking.
I have been called demon before.
Demon, they called me in my office, when I made them work on weekends.
Demon, they called me in my neighbourhood, when I did not donate for charity.
Holidays are for children.
Charity is for frail.
The signal turned green and I started driving again.
In the next block I saw her, helping one of those
hoary, grumpy, fit for nothing patients cross the
I had seen her before. She lived in the next apartment. I remembered her from the other day buying some poor kids, ice cream.
Huh! What a waste of time.
Next morning, there was a knock at my door.
Surprising, I don’t get many visitors.
It was her again.
Standing there with the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.
Surprising, I don’t find many things beautiful.
She was holding a jar in her hand,
“Help the helpless.” she said in the most musical voice ever.
Surprising, I don’t listen to music.
I don’t donate for charities, it’s for the weak, remember?
Yet my hand involuntarily reached for my wallet and I put a thousand bucks in the jar.
Her smile grew bigger. She didn’t know what to say.
“I think we have achieved today’s target from the first house itself” she said.
I smiled.
Surprising, I don’t smile much.
That day I donated for charity and sent two of my interns on paid leave.
Next day, I don’t know how, but I asked her for dinner.
For her, my demons dressed up and behaved.
Her purity took away the grime inside me.
Her light brightened the darkness inside me.
A demon met an angel.

Published by Jaydeep Bansal