Jeans is one of the most iconic garments ever made. They have survived, sustained and conquered the world of fashion for a long time. They have been owned by people from across the world from all age groups, genders and races. A pair of jeans is quite common in the wardrobe of anyone anywhere across the world! If there ever is the need to vote for a particular garment as universal, the jeans will be right at the top. It can be paired with a shirt, t-shirt, a skirt or even with jackets for women. It reigns right at the top even in all kinds of shopping formats. The natural tendency for anyone when shopping for bottoms is to check for a pair of jeans whether in a retail store or via online shopping for women, men or even kids.

Jeans is made out of denim. It is a material made out of cotton twill. This adds to the comfort of the fabric. Though it is denim that is used for jeans, the popularity of the garment overtook the name akin to Xerox for photocopy. The jeans is a giant that that overshadowed a lot of other things that denim has been put to use. For instance, denim is use to make other garments like shirts, jackets, dungarees. Likewise it is also used or accessories like wallets, purses, bags, shoes. However in this whole lot of other things that denim is used for a denim jacket is stylish. It is one of the most versatile garments amongst jackets for women.

Online shopping for women makes best of the denim jackets available to us. With one tap of a finger you get to choose from a variety of denim jackets that go with all kind of outfits. It is amazing to understand the possibilities that open up with a good quality sturdy denim jacket in your wardrobe. Here are a few ways to wear a denim jacket.

Fushion style – denim jacket is a great compliment with ethnic outfits. It creates an impression of rustic looks with a rebel element. Pairing up a denim jacket with typical ethnic kurta or a kurti gives a chic look to the wearer; right kind of accessories pep up this look. A simple bright sleeveless kurta or a kurti paired up with a regular or a stone wash denim jacket and accessorized with sunglasses is an extremely cool look to carry.

Dressy style – did you ever think of pairing up a denim jacket with a dress!? Well, if not, its time you do. Though it sounds like a radical thought, believe me, it’s not. It’s actually very girly and elegant in its own way. The tip is to pair up the denim jacket with something that is a total contrast in color like a blue denim jacket with an earthy maroon or a brown. Another way to style this look is to pair up the jacket with printed dresses.

Regular style – the most common look for a denim jacket is to pair it up with shirts or t-shirts. This look is considered age old and classic. It never goes out of style.


Published by Lena Burkut