How would  you describe your life right now in ONE WORD?

Obviously you would be thinking it will be more than just one word. One word is not enough. It has to be more! It has to be a sentence that everyone would understand and planted those sentence in their head and digest them with their heart. Then, they would understand!

Hold on.

It's just a game to show you how knowledgeable or aware you are of your life right now. My  turn, I would like describe my life  right now as in this word... Miserable.

Why I am miserable? 

There  are many things and somehow I'm being overwhelmed with them. I'm starting to feel miserable by  the second. It's not I don't enjoy or think positive in it but I feel like I'm reaching my limit of self control. 

One common thing in depressed people is that they have something that they don't want the world to know. They don't want to hold on to it but in the same time they can't let them go. That thing somehow eating them alive from the inside.

It's started by an issue such as secret, guilty, faults or another people. Then it grows to be something that you can't stop thinking that leads you to stress. You don't even know how to solve it because you can't figure out what is the problem or how to move on from there. When you keep it for too long and you can't decide with it... Here comes the depressing moment.

That is when we started to feel like we need help but we decide not to get help. Why? Because we think no one can help us. No one would bother themselves with us? I would describe this as infinite negative thoughts!

You can't stop think of negative things and how that would help? I don't know because I'm currently feeling miserable because of it. 

What I keep trying to do is,  help someone else out. I keep trying to understand the people around me and do my best to keep them away from experiencing what I've been experiencing. What I did not know is, that is just one way so that I can  run away from my problems that lead me to feel depressed! Stupid huh? Yes the stupidity is on me.

But still, I'm seriously stating this again. Don't let negativity rules your life. Don't let it talk to you and told you what you should do! There are other side that is better for you. That is being positive and optimist!

If you are feeling misery  out there.. I know trust is  an issue but  please hear me. You were never alone. If you are feeling miserable. Know this! I do feel the same! So let's be friend!

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