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 This weekend was another busy adventure with salsa dancing on Mexican Independence Day, attending F L U M E  concert and going to the KC Zoo with family.


F L U M E live at the  Midland Theater [Photo Credit : Ibon & Tyler Turner]


First off, I can not even explain how exhilarating it was vibing with Flume. He has been a big music influence to me – meaning I  find such tranquility and motivation by listening to his music when working on a big project. Never listened to FLUME? [Click here] or here you wont regret it IF you like hip hop / trip hop.


Designer Perspective

As usual, the designer in me screeches at every graphic element and detail that pops up at the screen at a concert…and  Flume did NOT disappoint. Besides seeing my favorite artist perform live in front of my very own eyes, I was able to spot out a couple of details that are really trending in the design world (Future blog noted)

1) Vibrant/Morphing Digital Animation

Okay Animation has been around and will always be around but the designer behind  FLUME’s album art and visual effects (Alec Maassen) can tell beautiful stories without words.

Its given as a trip hop fan that this music speaks to you on a different kind of level. Each song of  Flumes album had its own unique animation design. Helix is my favorite example  of this example: Helix The figure is shown in a natural state then as the music progresses and intensify the figure distorts and morphs.World Tour Promo

2) Geometric Shapes

This element is one of my favorites because these shapes give a futuristic mood. It also creates a sense of dimension and depth. The whole tour kept the audience engaged with the stage set up and its relation to the genre FLUME represents.

3) Abstract / Swiss Abstract

This element is happening in digital and print. There have been a lot of digital multimedia by mixing and matching photography, color splashes, and typography.

I want to get more into this topic, however that will be in the next article.



Kansas City had other events going on this weekend like Oktoberfest at Union Station, a fall festival in the Waldo area, Death Cab for Cutie concert at Providence Amphitheater.

On the artistic side, next weekend I will be at the KC Country Club Plaza capturing the annual Art Fair. This fair showcases and sells the work of very talented painters, photographers, designers, and more multimedia artist. (Sept. 23-25th.)

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