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Space can be quite expensive in cities such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. It is expensive because every inch of space can cost a few thousand dollars and for many young entrepreneurs incentives may not be sufficient to meet the ends of monthly expenses; considering the number of employees to be hired to run the company.

Shared office space is of course one of the best solutions, but there’s a better of the better plan B strategy is to modify your current living space to a studio work space. If your council permits, it is a win-win situation to boost the economy a little and for you as the entrepreneur to test out the waters.
This blog post is about a bridal studio for Z’amour, a newly established enterprise in Singapore. One of the stakeholders, Zann is a renowned makeup artists for international celebrities. If you are looking for Halloween makeup and special effects makeup, browse through Zann’s facebook page for her creative artistic skills.

There were a few considerations for this renovation work: 1) A fitting room, 2) A sitting space for Zann’s clients, 3) to display her bridal gowns collection and 4) to reuse and recycle as many existing furniture items as possible to not disrupt her existing work space.

Here’s the floor plan of the bridal studio. The blue segment is where the enclosed balcony and windows are situated, the red segment is the sitting space, and the yellow box is the entrance.

I am gonna skip the ‘before’ picture as there was no much space to begin with, and my job was to create space. A two-seater sofa, and lights, carpets, curtains and mirrors that contain contemporary elements were introduced. Stackable stools and ratten armchairs are useful when there are additional guests.

A rather large fitting room was created by using curtains (blue segment of floor plan).

A little design trick to make your space slightly more grand then usual is to adjust the curtains higher up.

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Published by Yuhui Lin