So it seems England is finally having a summer (about time too)! So I'm thinking it's time for a new lick of paint, clear out and touch up of the bedroom. Everything starts looking so worn and tired when it's all been left for a good few years without any TLC and what better time to redesign than summer!? Everything seems brighter, lighter and happier at this time so why not make the space you live in the same. I think the space we live in has a big impact on how we feel - if you're going to make your spaces dark and moody then that's how you're going to feel but if it's light and bright well, you can figure it out. 

So I'm thinking of going for neutral colours - bit of white, bit of grey, although keeping it a very light grey, chipping in a touch of blush pink and finishing it off with sparks of copper to add variety of material, texture and give the space a little something extra! However, if you're thinking of using grey in your own space you need to be very careful with the tone you use. My room has dual aspect windows with the sun coming through all day so it's a very bright room. Grey needs some serious consideration if the space is quite small and naturally quite dark, use tester paint on more than one wall to see how it looks under different light. 

If you're not keen on the pink ideal that can be replaced with any colour of your choice but, if I were you, I'd keep it a light, summery colour. Whilst writing this post I came across a mint and copper combination which looks amazing and I'm actually considering using instead of the pink! That's another thing.. If you're looking for inspiration Pinterest will become your best friend, I find everything on there!

Happy decorating!


Published by Louise Hooper