I desired you in my heart,

I craved for your touch,

I wished to hear your voice,

I hoped to hold your face.

As I prayed to find you,

My identical half,

Now that you are here in my life,

I will hold you as my treasure.

I will guard you with all my might,

I will uphold and cherish you,

Because you are my heartbeat.

The desire of my heart,

The answer to my prayers.

Your presence took away my brokenness,

As you filled my emptiness

With your warmth and affection.

With you I feel the connection,

One I've looked in many but could only find in you.

My intentions will always be pure and true,

With you around, I loose my balance, I loose my cool,

Just wanna have you hear and prevent me from being blue.

Will always be a bright day

When I hear you say I LOVE YOU TOO.

Published by Paul Kariuki