Detoxify the skin with this effective treatment

Bentonite Clay

A Bentonite Clay Mask is a very traditional method, not only to clean, but to detoxify the skin and getting rid of Acne or other skin irritations. It is a very beneficial way to do a deep pore cleansing. And the reward is a smooth glowing skin and a much better overall feeling.

I always buy 100% Pure Bentonite Clay without any  additives, fragrances and animal products. I paid around  $10.00 for a 16 ounce pack. That is affordable.

I found an easy recipe with pure ingredients.

Use approx. 3 tablespoons of that powdery clay and mix it with filtered or distilled water. As a substitute for water you can also use organic apple vinegar. Or just mix water with vinegar.

The mixture should end up a spreadable paste. Apply that paste evenly on your face and spare the eye area. Let the mask sit for about 15 minutes or more until dry. Don’t move your skin muscles, – just relax. You will soon feel a throbbing or pulsing sensation which is a good sign of circulation.

After the application wait for the mask to be dry, then carefully remove with lukewarm water. Afterwards it is important to apply for example a Witch-Hazel solution or organic coconut oil. You can feel the difference: The skin looks clean, refreshed and glowing. Not only that, – the treatment is rejuvenating and very relaxing.


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Published by Rosy V