I have started my travel series on YouTube recently. It is more difficult that I thought it would be.

The first topic I choosed for myself was - PALM WINE. And it's because I love palm wine, since the first time I have tested it. 

One, who never heard of this drink, would wonder, how do they make the palm wine? Since there are several types of wines, made mostly from fruits.. are there people who consider palm tree as a fruit? 
Well, no. Palm wine is simply the juice, which palm tree contains inside itself, which helps the tree to deliver the necessery nutritients to the leaves and fruits. Especialy fruits. If you ever seen the red palm fruit, or more of a nut... or kernel, then you must probably know how oily and extremely packed with nutritional values this little red 'berries' are. To grow, they require the tree to take really good care of them. 

Talking further, now you can imagine how nutritious the palm juice is. But wait a minute.. so is it a juice or is it a wine? It's both, I would say. In the very minute of the palm tree pouring out the juice, it has only a minimal alcohol content, and could be considered only as juice. But after few minutes, hours, already the huge amounts of sugars in the palm juice, allow it to ferment. And yeaah, fermentation is the proces which ends up with alcohol. The longer the juice stays, the higher alcohol content it has. Without a necessery addition of anything else into it. 

If someone ever asked me how does palm wine taste, I would say - different. Because it has wide pallet of different tastes, depending on what is the age of the tree, its size, weather throughout the process of palm nut growing, the particular way of obtaining the palm juice from the tree and finaly - the time it has been left alone after fetching it from palm tree and before drinking. The variety of flavours levitates somewhere between really sweet and sour. The younger the juice, the faster obtained from the tree, the sweeter the juice. The longer it was left alone, the more sour it is. To be clear - I love all of this stages and it is absolutely delicious. 

What is really fascinating, is that the young, sweet palm wine, when collected to the tank, contains so much sugar, that the bottom of the container to which the palm wine was collected, will be filled with half-solid and half-fluid substance, strikingly reminiscent of potato starch, when mixed with a little amount of water. You know - the effect of half-solid body. 

You can meet the bottled versions of palm wine, made in Ghana or Nigeria and sold worldwide, but that one can only give you about 30% of what is the REAL DEAL with fresh palm wine. 

Not to talk further, I hereby present the first episode of 'O.N The Way' : PALM WINE. 




Enjoy watching, and do not forget to share your opinion about the drink.

Published by Oyinbo Nwunye