Celebrities are the most influential people on the face of this planet. Not only do they influence us on the silver screen, tabloids, and on TV, but also leave a major mark on the various aspects of our lives – fashion, lifestyle, and even our food. Literally. There are popular food items out there that are named after a bunch of popular celebs. Take a look at some of them.

  1. Michelle Obama Melt

Where: Good Stuff Eatery, Washington D.C.

The former First Lady god honoured with a sandwich to her name in 2009 by the Good Stuff Eatery, which is popular for its classic American dishes. According to NBC News, the burger was created by one of Good Stuff’s chefs Spike Mendelsohn and Sam Kass, who served as a White House chef and the executive director for FLOTUS’ Let’s Move! campaign.

2. Avril Lavigne’s Special Pizza

Where: La Pizzeria, Napanee, Canada

Pop singer, Avril Lavigne is quite an admired celebrity in Canada-based La Pizzeria, which used to be the singers favorite hometown hang-out spots when she was in high school. At the time, Lavigne’s favorite thing to order was pepperoni, mushroom, and green olive pizza, which is why the owner of the restaurant added a pie with those toppings to the menu and called it “Avril Lavigne’s Special Pizza”

  1. Lady Gaga Sushi Roll

Where: Various Restaurants

Lady Gaga’s meat dress is not unknown to us. Especially those of us living in China, who can even eat a version of the dress. But did you know that the Born This Way star has inspired restaurants across the United States to name sushi rolls after her? The ingredients do vary widely from restaurant to restaurant, but most of them include a tuna element.

  1. Martha Stewart Hot Dog

Where: Pink’s Hot Dog, Los Angeles

Apparently Martha Stewart is associated with more than one kind of Dog(g). An LA-based eatery called Pink’s Hot Dog has named one of their specials after the lifestyle and kitchen queen. When Martha Stewart visited Pink’s in the early 2000s, the restaurant decided to name a hot dog after her. The nine-inch Martha Stewart Dog comes with relish, onions, bacon, tomatoes, sauerkraut, and sour cream.

  1. Sarah Michelle Gellar – The Mrs. Prinze 

Where: Good Stuff Eatery, Washington D.C.

The actress-turned-entrepreneur too has been bestowed with the honour of having a dish named after her in Hamasaku, an LA-based restaurant that is a favourite of both Geller and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. since the time it opened in 2000. In 2006, Gellar was invited to collaborate with owner Toshi Kihara to create her very own sushi roll, which is a “jalapeño-tinged” tuna roll with avocado, which can also be ordered simply as “the Mrs. Prinze.”


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Images: Refinery29

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