Young girls tend to be cautious regarding obesity which could subject them to mockery from friends, low self-esteem and bulimia. Whether it’s to feel good about yourself or maintaining the ideal weight, you need a diet plan. The ultimate diet plan for young girls should keep them in shape without leaving them hungry and week. It is important to understand that growing girls require a complete diet for healthy growth and Sapna Vyas Patel, a fitness model recommends the following diet. Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner should be set in a healthy eating pattern.

  1. Breakfast

Breakfast is the most crucial meal must not be taken. It nourishes the body after a night of fasting. It also kick-starts the body and boosts metabolism. A young girl’s breakfast should include protein, fats, vitamins and healthy carbohydrates in adequate proportions.

Go for whole grain products which are rich in fiber. The usual food combinations like toasted bread, cereal with milk and eggs are excellent choices. Serve smoothies, fresh juices or milkshakes in place of caffeine.  It is important to include low-fat milk which is rich in calcium and Vitamin D.  These nutrients are essential for bone mass. A proper breakfast helps you eat less and curbs cravings for the rest of the day.

      2. Lunch

Give lunch a twist by utilizing the same ingredients in a different manner. An ideal dish for lunch could be a sandwich and tofu. Remember, the bread should be whole grain. Pack more vegetables in your sandwich. Use a wide range of vegetables including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, and olives.

Salads, meaty or vegetable rolls with tangy sauces are also healthy options. Low-fat yogurt, raisins, and almonds are nutritious additions for such dishes. Be sure to avoid foods like pizza, chicken nuggets, French fries, and nachos regularly.

      3. Dinner

After a long active day, having dinner is compulsory. However, keep it light and healthy. Pasta, brown rice, multi-grain noodles, lean turkey, fish, chicken or vegetable soups are simple options for a young girl. Ensure young girls have sufficient sources of iron. Menstruation increases iron deficiency risk. Seafood, peas, spinach, poultry, and beans are some of the iron-rich foods.

     4. Snacks

The appropriate time for snacks is in between breakfast and lunch, and between lunch and dinner. Fruits are great in-between snacks. Some fruits like bananas can contribute to weight gain. Low sugar or sugar-free energy bars are also recommendable.

Ensure your girl drinks enough water every day. Drinking insufficient water may make your daughter feel hungry more often. Water also boosts metabolism. Ditch that soda! Sodas contain empty calories which only lead to weight gain. Replacing a 20-ounce sweetened soda with water saves you around 240 calories. Ensure your daughter gets quality sleep. Sleep deprivation causes stress which is a leading cause of weight gain.

Published by Karen Anthony