Many of us use the excuse it’s too expensive to diet, to that I call “bullshit” it’s the worst excuse I have ever heard! I don’t live the most glamorous life style I drink budget protein shakes and eat healthy every day (except cheat days, everyone needs a cheat day), markets are a great place to shop and are not expensive in the slightest, in fact cheaper than most super markets. One myth that really frustrates me that makes people think that dieting costs more (when in my opinion it costs less) is amateur dieters thinking they have to purchase weight watchers, slimming world or any general low-fat diet meal, which yeah are expensive but are very deceitful, one thing to be wary of is look it for sugar content in the ready meals, usually to keep the good taste of a normal meal after removing the fat they pump it full of sugar. So be warned, always read the label. So basically my point is dieting on a budget is most definitely do able it’s not about the food you buy it’s about how you prepare it.
My two favorite diet recipes:

Butterfly chili garlic chicken with sweet potato mash and broccoli

(Key is grill the chicken and steam the veg)

Lean full English breakfast

(Cut the fat off the bacon, have poached eggs and use veggie sausages, again make sure everything is grilled)

Two really easy meals (cheap too) something you would eat on a normal day and think they where bad but dependent on how they are prepared


Garlic chili chicken vs southern fried chicken

Grilled chicken sweet potato and broccoli – 450kcal

Fried chicken chips and gravy – 880kcal

Full English vs lean full English

Lean and grilled – approx 600kcal

Fried – approx 800kcal

The difference isn’t massive but when you think of your favorite meal I’m sure there’ll be a healthier alternative. The only thing i can see that may put people off dieting like this is it’s a lot more effort, yes there are sites online that deliver ready-made healthy meals perfect for dieting, all that is required is that they are warmed up before eating, i think these are extortionately priced just to save a little effort. Stop being lazy now and just cook it.

Don’t be lazy – Cook your meals from scratch, at least then you know what you’re putting in them and you are confident they are being prepared in the correct way to make them heathy. Avoid frying anything grill it, it tastes no different and calorie count drops dramatically.

Published by Kimberley Finch