Part 3




My fellow Americans,


Many are enamored with the reports of a rising economy and employment rates. However, there are many unanswered questions and many Americans who have not had any say as to the validity of the claims of economic improvement.  We could start by asking the Americans we are responsible for taking care of on our island of Puerto Rico, an island which is still without complete power, housing, and adequate water supply. What would they think about our so-called improved U.S. economy?


Ask the struggling communities and families in America what percentage of increased profits on Wall Street have made it to their doorstep and put food upon their table. Ask the millions of Americans who still do not have adequate healthcare, if the economy has helped them to perhaps, see a doctor without worrying about how they're going to eat, pay for housing, go to dialysis, or have the surgery that they need to stay alive.


Ask the disproportionate amount of incarcerated minorities and the families whose loved ones received no justice after being murdered by law enforcement officers. Ask them if they believe in Donald Trump's America of systemic racism in legal institutions.


Ask the children with dilapidated schools, unaffordable housing, living in cities with poor infrastructure, whose needs Donald Trump took care of first with the improved economy? They 're still waiting for help.


Yes, there has been economic improvement, born on the shoulders and backs of a hard-working Obama administration, who inherited a failed economy and turned it around. Trump continues to conveniently take credit for the improvement, as he continues to disparage President Obama. But, who exactly is benefiting from this improvement?


 Those of you who think you're better off with Trump, think about exactly what is happening here, without trying to put the blame on Obama. The deficit is continuing to increase. Is your household better off if you owe more money? The Republicans don't care about the deficit because they can always blame it on the Democrats when they leave office, which is what they've always done. Fact, not accusation.


If you believe your world looks more prosperous, it's because, you have been conned into believing it's better. You see and hear what you want to see about your indivualized world and not the world that we all live in. But, that's what those in power want you to do. Some of them are content in believing that if the poor receive a dollar for every million that goes to the  rich, then, that is improvement.


The only way we are going to come together in this country and truly prosper is to represent every American and stop catering to the few (1%). We must stop believing in their benevolence and desire to work on  behalf of the poor and middle class and their struggling efforts to change policies and laws to benefit the other 99% of Americans they swore to represent.


The wealthy know that wealth must be redistributed to improve the lives of all Americans. That's why they want to be in power. Historically and mathematically, there is no other way for positive change to happen, other than to redistribute wealth to benefit those less well-off.  To do this,  limitations, restrictions, taxations, and policies must be implemented, but, most of all, we must design a budget that speaks for all Americans and the future of our country and environment.


Republican officials have sold their souls to obtain power and collaborated with foreign powers to betray their country, families, and democracy. We have been living to satisfy the here and now for a small group of people, while sacrificing the well-being of current and future generations. We have no right to waste, destroy, and squander the rightful inheritance of future generations to come. To right these wrongs, sacrifices must be made by ALL.


We must make a political STAND and prevent States,  Congress, and the Supreme Court from reversing Civil Rights and Environmental Protections, cutting Healthcare,  and other benefits to stabilize families and individuals. We must DEMAND that our schools and communities be made safer and gun laws be passed.


The People must take back their government,  out from the hands of criminals, liars, and conmen. What is Democracy--The People--The People in ACTION, speaking out to make their voices HEARD! 


We need a true resurgence of Democracy at work to rid ourselves of this pestilence which has taken over our government. We no longer want to hear excuses or be shut out by our representatives. We no longer want to see complacency, complicity, and cowardice.


We, The People, can't afford to slow down, ease up, or take a break, because the mid-term elections have ended. We must remind Congress so that they NEVER forget that it is The People who bring about change!


We have been careless. We have been asleep. We have given over our power to those who have misused and abused it. Because we were tired and fed up with bureaucracy, we trusted inexperienced outsiders with our fate. They also had a hidden agenda and were paid off by not only big businesses and lobbyists, but foreign entities. Again, we found ourselves in the hands of those who could neither see us or hear us.


But, it's not over. They haven't won and they will not win as long as we show them that WE are the United States of America; united in HOPE; united in LOVE; united in DIGNITY and COURAGE; unitied in TRUTH,  and united in the STRENGTH and POWER of Democracy.


My fellow Americans, my Brothers and Sisters, think not on the disgrace that has been brought upon us, or, the division that those seeking power over us wish to inflict upon our nation. Think on the power that YOU possess to turn things around by standing in TRUTH; standing in RIGHTEOUSNESS; and standing in peace, unity, and love with ALL Americans, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, sex, socioeconomic status, skills, talents,  beliefs, philosophy, faith, or, religion.


For centuries, our nation has been a festoring sore--a wound unable to heal because we refuse to love our Brother as God has commanded. If we truly want to help one another and unite this country, we must resist the evil and hatred that have made their home among us and persist to expose them in every facet of society. When? The time is NOW. Demand Truth and Justice NOW! It's not about a blue or red wave sweeping across the nation, but, instead a wave of democracy that stands firm in the midst of adversity and injustice.


There is no doubt in my mind that God makes nations rise and fall. God is forever a just God. Where do we stand with God? Are we climbing to the pinnacle of our existence, or are we on the cusp of our decline and fall? Because He is a just god, He offers grace and mercy.


2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Published by Mishael T