You might have come across various forms of sexual harassment at your workplace. The harassment may not always be noticeable or evident at first glance. However, you can gradually discover what is happening exactly. The person carrying it out can be your senior, boss, client or even a coworker. 

Even a single incidence of sexual harassment can turn a peaceful workplace environment into a hostile environment for the victim. 

Whenever someone tries to initiate any kind of misconduct, it doesn't always have to be sexual in nature. It might include some actions or words such as offensive language or sexual remarks. To detect sexual harassment, you should be aware of the behavior or language that is considered to be sexual harassment. If you feel that it's you who has been targeted, you should report it and take action by hiring a sexual harassment lawyer having knowledge of federal and state sexual harassment laws. 

You must take action as there are consequences of not reporting sexual harassment. Your silence is encouraging for the harasser. It means they can do it again and again. And, as a consequence, you might have to face other problems like low self-esteem that come along with being sexually harassed. It’s possible that you may not be able to concentrate on your professional and personal responsibilities. 

This can lead to poor performance which can eventually result in the loss of the job or a demotion. The harasser is not the only person responsible for these emotional and financial consequences. Your silence also has something to do with it. 

On the flip side, taking legal action against the culprit stops him from victimizing you and also someone else. Taking legal action with the help of a sexual harassment attorney in San Francisco always helps in creating a safe workplace. 

Many people have been able to recover physically and emotionally only because they filed a case against the victimizer. They have been able to repair all those financial losses from the harasser itself. 

However, this is not possible without working with a knowledgeable attorney. The attorney not only makes sure that the harasser suffers the consequences of his actions but also secures your image in the society. 

Forms of sexual harassment you must be aware of

As mentioned above, there can be different forms of sexual harassment. The misconduct might differ in intensity, but still, it is harassment and it should not be ignored. 

Quid Pro Quo

This means that a person is asking for specific favors in exchange for some benefits. The benefit can be a job offer, promotion or raise in salary. Similarly, not raising your salary as you refused to go along is also harassment. Also, terminating you because of the refusal of unwanted attention is sexual harassment.

Sexual favoritism

Asking for sexual favoritism is a form of sexual harassment. 

Getting undesired stares

Anyone staring at you or giving some suggestive looks is sexual misconduct. 

Getting unwanted text messages or calls

You are being sexually harassed if you are getting unwanted phone calls, emails, or messages over any social media platform. 

Inappropriate touching

No one wants to be touched by someone inappropriately when it is not desired. This is also a way of harassing someone. 

Unwanted/Abusive language

The harasser might disturb the professional environment with some dirty jokes and offensive language. 

Sexual content visible to others

Showing sexual content to someone is also a form of sexual harassment. 

All forms of sexual harassment mentioned above have been witnessed in many types of workplaces. While implementing zero-tolerance sexual harassment policies and sexual harassment training can minimize the number of workplace sexual harassment cases, the best way to discourage this kind of behavior is taking legal action against the culprit. 

Find a lawyer today, and don't let it happen to you again and also to someone else. 

Published by Zoe Sewell