(A fictional look into the hearts and minds of our more colorful Heads of State)





John 1:17 King James Version (KJV)

17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.


Rendering the final blow to his opponent, he retreated, knowing that the body lying constricted upon the floor, agonizing in pain would not quickly recover from its stunning and debilitating effect. A satisfying and subtle smile appeared upon his face, only recognizable to him. It was a feeling he had become addicted to; a feeling that seemed innate and etched into his DNA. It was a feeling that was exotic and sometimes even erotic, aroused by the adrenaline pumping through his veins and rushing through his burning body, precipitating in hot sweat pouring from his glands and drenching the muscles he had conditioned to bring him victory.


For some, it was a sporting match, but, for him, it was much more. He depended upon it to give him something that nothing else could deliver at that time in his life. It gave him purpose; purpose which defined his identity and his superiority.


"No," he thought, "I'll probably never be as tall or big as some of the other boys, but, I have made myself into a powerful weapon."


Yes, even at a young age, he desired to become a force not to be reckoned with. At that time in his life, it was all that he knew and all that he wanted to know. Although, he knew that there were other things in which he could excel, he chose empowerment through judo. Perhaps, it was to imitate his father, who had fought in World War II. Every boy needs a role model and wants to look up to their father. Even if they don't realize it, it's ingrained into their subconsciousness. It can become a part of their expected male psyche, which should compel them to shape their masculinity.  In that respect, Vladimir was no different than any other boy.  Yet, there was something different about him, something more intense; something more menacing, and perhaps, this was the driving force that would remain with him throughout his life, compelling him to be different and ultimately, enabling him to stand out, as it manifested itself into a useful tool to inculcate a sense of responsibility and ambition.


It would never allow him to rest or lose the desire to fight and compete in life. It was a necessary part of his existence, which had formed as naturally as he had formed in his mother's womb. Nonetheless, his mother just couldn't understand his obsession with judo.


 "О, он никогда не бывает рядом, когда я нуждаюсь в нем" 

"O, on nikogda ne byvayet ryadom, kogda ya nuzhdayus' v nem"


"Oh, he's never around when I need him, she'd always say to me," Vladimir remembers his mother saying. "He's always off with his judo and fighting, as if there is nothing else to do." My grandmother would scold her, "Leave him be, Maria. Boys will be boys!"


However, even when he was out on the streets being mischievous with his friends, Vladimir never really wanted to be just one of the boys, but, his future goals had not yet coalesced within his mind. During that time in his life, he needed judo and what he learned and gained from it. The future could wait. That's the way it had been for most of his early childhood. He wasn't looking to excel academically, because it didn't give him the same gratification that he experienced with judo. And so, that is how it remained, until he discovered that academic achievement could propel him to a level of skill and success that would heighten and enhance the sensory experiences which brought him the discipline, fulfillment, and victory of martial arts.


Some might say that the most primitive instincts of mankind have created the most famous and maniacal leaders throughout history and these instincts, as primitive as they are, are still looked upon as superior and preferable traits in leadership. People recognize these traits as power and authority, just as they are recognized and respected within the animal kingdom. Some people still believe that they are the necessary way to control people, get ahead, or get what they want.


One is forced to ask, "Has man really evolved or advanced? Is he any more sophisticated than he was when life began in the Garden of Eden? Or, in today's "everyone for himself society," is there so much apathy or disdain for government and leadership that it has literally become a platform for the survival of the fittest (as defined by the majority, most powerful, or wealthiest), and not one's  aptitude...capability...proficiency, preparedness, expertise and efficiency? This is a question we must ask and an area we must examine when we are faced with  such unfit and corrupt leaders, who lead by fist and might, hate and wrong, and not by what is right.


In my book "I Have An Eternity Ahead of Me," I pointed out the importance of knowing and understanding how you think and react to past and present events and pressure in your life. Understanding how our mind processes information helps us to utilize it better to make the right choices, focus on tasks, and keep our eyes on Jesus. The enemy or something new may trigger a memory, pain, or kindle your pride causing you to falter and totally miss the Mark.


Our upbringing, culture, religion, and outside influences help shape our beliefs and may not align with the Word of God. For example, Mr. Putin quotes his father, Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, as saying:


"Life is such a simple thing and cruel.”


How has this cold and disparaging definition of life created by God altered his son's life and helped to shape his mind, affecting his choices and decisions, which have continued to effect world politics and international security today?


Everything we do has an affect on those around us. Never think your thoughts, actions, or words only matter to you, without having consequences for others.


Vladimir Putin is the product of the continuing after effect of war. War does not solve problems, it creates future problems, along with developing emotionally scarred, dysfunctional and depraved people, while breeding future monsters. There are those who become desensitized to violence, killing and death around them, while others may become vengeful, vindictive, and fortified with depravity. 


When one grows up with a father who has been wounded in war, disabled and made weak, sometimes they are resigned to become strong and powerful. When one grows up not understanding the reasoning of forgiving the enemy when they have watched their parents suffer from the hardships, misery, and death inflicted upon them, one tends to have a hardened heart, and become selfish, and hateful. When one grows up having to fill the place of a previously lost child, killed by indiscriminate consequences of war,  one tends to become rebellious, struggling to find their own place in the world where they can be most important, and forging their own identity. When one grows up on the strings of poverty, then, one may become covetous and greedy. When one grows up amidst false doctrine and ideology, then, one tends to reject truth. When one grows up submerged in corruption, one must learn to swim within its waters, becoming corrupt and deceitful to survive. When one grows up believing only in oneself and one's own ability, then one tends to develop narcissism and an authoritarian personality. When one grows up without Truth and the knowledge of God, ignorance and pride become one's guide.


Without the spiritual guidance of God's Holy Spirit, parents not only lead their own children astray, but, generations to come, pivoting and toppling future societies. Without seeking God's healing, protection and the ongoing guidance of Jesus and God's Holy Spirit, those covered in sin are open and festering wounds, spreading disease and darkness, inflicting pain upon others, having no relief from their own torment.


It is no surprise that Vladimir was attracted to the KGB at an early age. He knew what he was suited for, because he had already begun to teach himself to become a weapon. The KGB just put a label on it and claimed it for its own. Thus, Putin continues to function in the only capacity that he knows and is familiar with--as a weapon. His status has risen and his venue has widened. Now, he is a weapon against the world. Wreaking havoc far and wide, scheming and plotting and steeped in corruption. Lying to his own people and the world is no problem, but, a simple thing and a part of life. Interfering in other nation's elections and political systems is no problem. Monopolizing businesses and putting the countries money into his own greedy hands and that of his associates is no problem. Killing and imprisoning his opponents is no problem. Why? Because, "Life is such a simple thing and cruel.” Thus, the battle wages on and there is no end in sight for the war is within Putin, himself.


It is all that he knows.




He sat glancing at the clock and every now and then, he would watch the television which was tuned into an American news channel. He could taste victory. Holding back the adrenaline that gave him that heady feeling and rush of power, which he had come to love and associate with victory and success, he watched and listened. On Moscow government t.v., they were covering the same story. It was his story. He had created it and its plot has only begun to thicken and unfold.


There was a twinkle in his eyes and an oh so subtle smile, which grew as he looked around the room at the other men, who knew that they had changed history in ways that had never been done before. Yet, it was so very natural to him, because, it is all that he knows; a hungry instinct that needs to be fed; and pride that requires an endless supply of kindle to keep it burning.


Men like Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Hitler, to name a few, understood this natural feeling only too well. Like him, they were born with a purpose to change history that required them to be different. Fighting was a necessary part of their purpose; for change had to be forced and change had to look like them.


There is never a last battle, an unconquerable nation, or a last foe. And as a powerful leader, there is an endless supply of people, soldiers, and exploitable leaders and nations to offer a smorgasbord of delightful plots to satisfy an insatiable appetite and a need to be challenged on one's own terms upon a corrupt and maniacal path to VICTORY! Money and greed are only a part of the reward; a trophy to put upon one's shelf to show everyone your accomplishments and success in life. Vengeance? Of course! Still, even that is just a political or business convenience, a bonus, perhaps, even a happenstance, or arrangement that adds to one's wealth and status, and self-satisfaction.


Yes, he had reached new heights in life and now he would be even more revered for taking his country to new heights and status. In his mind, they would love him even more, or else. He didn't consider, or else, to be any less amicable. It gave him opportunities to exploit and opportunities kindled his pride, they were filled with acceptable exchanges, because, he felt he always had the advantage. After all, he had built himself into a weapon physically and mentally; an INVINCIBLE weapon! He had come up at the right time in the right place! He had gained the favor of the right people. History was waiting for him to write its story.


"Vladimir! Look! She's crying!"


Everyone in the room gleefully affixed their eyes upon the woman standing at the podium making her concession speech. Knowing she was the rightful president, made the spectacle even more hilarious to them and the room bellowed with laughter. The small figure of a man, who often sat reserved and smug, with an air of superiority, having initiated the plot and set out to destroy her, could not contain himself. He released the adrenaline he had been restraining for this very moment. She had attacked his pride and challenged him, therefore, he had no choice but to take her down and try to destroy her; for it was all that he knew to do. His pride kept him and made him into who he is. She was just another meal to him, that's all. There would be others. Yes. There will be others. There has to be others to destroy.


Patriotism? Is he a patriot? What gladiator thrust into the arena to be killed, truly fought for the honor of Rome, when death stood before them waiting to strike them down? Life and the right to LIVE became all that they could think of and killing became their means to survive! Patriotism was a vehicle; Rome a path; and Caesar the final destination.


Men like Vladimir and Donald aren't patriots. They could not survive as mere patriots, for it requires true loyalty, honor, and integrity. They are in a battle with survival using other people to fight for them and do their dirty work. They thrive on self-preservation, while the lives of others are expendable. Trump can only survive in war by throwing other men's bodies in front of him, in harm's way, while he makes excuses and pretends to be FEARLESS! Putin is more dangerous for he has tasted killing and has become addicted to the kill. It is the ultimate take-down; a permanently defeated foe. It only becomes more interesting, finding new ways to achieve VICTORY!




Vladimir, returned to his quiet and solemn demeanor, smiling the smile that only he could see. KGB school had taught him to be crafty, but, they had only honed a skill that was innate to him. Reveling in his victory, he began to scheme and plot, thinking of new ways to use his Trojan Horse in the White House to his advantage.


"Stupid Americans," he thought. He had waged war on American soil, attacked, and won the battle, and the Americans still didn't know what had happened. Life was good. His life was good, he thought. Better than his father's life.


"I have proven that Russia is superior," he said in congratulatory self-aggrandizement.  The others obediently agreed, to his satisfaction, but, what he really thought and felt was, "I have proven that I am superior, especially to that woman who dared to think that she could destroy me. I used that idiotic, greedy, misogynistic, traitorous, power hungry, simpleton, Trump to prove my point."




"VLADIMIR! COME EAT YOUR SUPPER! Vladi, what have you been doing? The teacher says that you have been getting into trouble. Don't you want to make something out of your life? You are always getting into trouble! If you want to be somebody, you have to do better in school! We work hard to send you to school and you do not appreciate it. What will become of you, I don't know!"


Vladi sat down at the table with the two women who dominated his life, his mother and grandmother. He had something to prove; not only to them, but to himself. It would be an endless effort for the rest of his life. Coming from simple and meager beginnings, he'd always be in survival mode trying to squelch that next threat or challenge, defending and fighting in the only manner he knew how. It had long surpassed being a habit or a practice. It was a permanent part of him. It was all that he knew in order to protect that which he held on to and clung to as his understanding of himself, purpose, and life; that being,  his identity, his status, and his pride. Is there cruelty within it? For Vladimir, cruelty is a given necessity, for, "Life is such a simple thing and cruel.” Therefore, Vladimir functions upon Vladimir's will, which is driven by fear and survival, justifying in his mind the need for cruelty.




My Friends,


There is another man, who rules Earth and Heaven, full of Grace and Mercy, Who has a Will and a Way. Men like Vladimir, Donald and Kim Jong-Un don't know Him and don't understand Him. They are too blinded by pride to try His Will and Way. Change is scary to them; so scary that they are willing to kill millions of people like you and me. You see, we don't really matter. However, they all possess the same skill as the prince of lies...the skill to deceive, and deceive the people they have because of weakness that lies within them; a contagious disease which they spread to others. They too, are different, because they reject change and remain in darkness. They haven't crossed the road of acceptance to learn endurance through The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They don't understand unconditional love and are of little faith.


There are many people who think like these leaders, whose minds and lives have become darkened and dysfunctional having been distorted by their prideful hearts. They too do not understand unconditional love, for they don't know God. This is what we are up against when we go out into the world. Many people are lost, but, God desires none to be lost. If we didn't know God we would consider this an impossible and irrational way to think and feel, considering the condition of the world. How can we fulfill the Great Commission of Christ as his ambassadors to go out into the world and make disciples?


As we carry the Kingdom forth, we must be that example of unconditional love that others don't know or understand. We must approach the ideology and sickness of the world just as Jesus told us to do, knowing the future of the world has already been determined by God. We announce the coming of the Groom for His wedding to his Bride. The warning has already been given to us to prepare our lamps. Those who refuse or procrastinate shall not enter the Wedding. Those who join us will walk with us as we follow Jesus, connected to the Vine, keeping our lanterns filled and burning with the fire of the Holy Ghost.


Transformation through God's Holy Spirit has made us different and removed our doubts and fears, placing us on the path of abundant and eternal life. Yes. We are there, because our eyes are open and our hearts are humbled and changed. We know we can't make it without keeping our eyes on Jesus. And, when we stumble, we reach up for God to pull us up and when we can't walk on our own, Jesus carries us. What a contrast from the lives of these men who rely on themselves. Neither money or fame can solve their problems, hold them up in the world, or give them true purpose. What they do is for themselves, even that which they do for their family and country. God has assured us, and we have come to know, that only what you do for Christ will last.


1 Corinthians 15:58

Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.




We pray for all of our leaders in every nation around the world. We pray that they come to desire a closer relationship with their Heavenly Father, that they may truly be great leaders,  equally and justly caring and providing for Your people, and  preserving our great planet which You have made us custodians over.


Father, You have instructed us not to criticize but, rather to instruct and guide through Truth and example, looking beyond other's faults to see their needs. I pray that as these words are read, they are not seen as simply humor or criticism, but, as a mirror for us to hold up to ourselves, a door to help the lost exit from darkness, a hand to point them to Your Kingdom, and an example to help them follow Christ.

Help us to love and pray for those who are different in that they are lost and blinded to the Truth, The Way, and The Life of Abundance and Eternity. Keep us humble and ever prayerful. Make Your Word plain to us. Speak to us, Lord. We desire to know and serve You. We love you, Lord.


When we come up against a wall, help us to see that which is unpleasing to You, within us. Search us and cleanse us. Let us not be fooled by the enemy telling us that we are stuck, unable to go on, or lost and confused. Remind us of the fence of protection that You have placed around us and the angels that serve to watch over and help to keep us.

Please keep us in Hope. Grow us in Faith. Forgive us of those sins we knowingly and unknowingly commit against You and our Brethren.

Father, we know you are present on the battlefield, at the bedside of the sick, in the cell of the imprisoned, comforting the bereaved, the lonely and depressed, and tugging at the hearts of those who do not know you. We thank you and praise You for Your manifold blessings, and Your Grace, and Mercy unto us.

Use us, Lord. You have chosen us to be different, Holy and Righteous Children of Yahweh. Help us to glorify Your name in thought, word, and deed, as we stand, forever lifting up the name of Jesus, Your Son, to draw all men unto Thee. This we pray, in the precious name of Yeshuah.


Your Servants, united within the Body of Christ, in eternal fellowship. Amen.





Matthew 28:18-20 King James Version (KJV)


18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.


19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:


20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.





Матфея 28: 18-20 Версия короля Иакова (KJV)


18 И пришел Иисус и сказал им: всякая сила дана мне на небе и на земле.


19 Итак идите и научите все народы, крестя их во имя Отца и Сына и Святого Духа:


20 Учение их соблюдать все, что Я повелел вам; и вот, Я с вами всегда, до конца мира.





Matfeya 28: 18-20 Versiya korolya Iakova (KJV)


18 I prishel Iisus i skazal im: vsyakaya sila dana mne na nebe i na zemle.


19 Itak idite i nauchite vse narody, krestya ikh vo imya Ottsa i Syna i Svyatogo Dukha:


20 Ucheniye ikh soblyudat' vse, chto YA povelel vam; i vot, YA s vami vsegda, do kontsa mira. Amin'.

Published by Mishael T