Human-beings have been using honey for many years now and it is evident that we are very fond of this sweet, sticky stuff. honey has been used for various purposes throughout history, for example, its nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Honey was also used in ancient Egypt for mummification and currently, it is used for to care for wounds and skin as well as a nutrition source.

An interesting fact about honey is its availability in many types that have different uniqueness. These honey types may differ in taste, color, texture and several health benefits. Below are some different types of honey and with their distinguishing properties:

Different types of honey.

  • Manuka

This honey type is a variety that is native to New Zealand and which has been gaining a lot of media coverage recently due to its health benefits.

The honey is prepared from the nectar of tea trees. Some of the findings include evidence that it is able to protect the body against harmful bacteria and infections along with preventing gum infection. This type of honey is what you will desire to use if you are looking for a quality honey to use for your aging skin.

Manuka honey contains healing properties that have been scientifically proven to heal your skin. For example, the antibacterial and antioxidant properties found in the honey is good for your health. Tenpenh is the best place to learn all you need to know about different types of honey.

  • Clover

Clover honey is the most widely available honey type which originates from New Zealand and Canada. This is a classic honey which is commonly used for sweetening food. It has a light and floral flavor. Clover honey is fairly cheap and can be found in most stores.

  • Buckwheat

This type of honey is currently not very frequent to find like it was the case earlier on, but you can still come across it in some of the states where it originates, for instance, Ohio, Minnesota, and New York.

It is a strong tasting honey and has high antioxidants and Iron elements. It is dark in color with a rich feel.

  • Linden

This honey is frequently known as the strange honey since it is different from other honey types obtainable. It originates from the flowers of the linden tree which is native to Denmark. it has a somewhat woody flavor and its color is light yellow.

Similar to Manuka, this type of honey also has anti-bacterial traits and lots of health benefits linked to it. For example, the treatment of sore throats and colds. visit website to learn more about honey types

  • Avocado

Avocado honey is collected from avocado flowers and contains a rich buttery taste. This type of honey is dark in color and initially came from Mexico, however, it can now be found in various regions around the world.

Final Words

A lot of people incorrectly assume that there is one type of honey only. Having honey in your diet previously, consider experimenting with different types of honey as you may like the flavor of others better and just some of them have healthy properties.

Deciding the correct type of honey can be very helpful to your fitness and health.

Published by Ella Maclin